Project-Failure, Friday Night Blackout, July 2nd Results

You take off the 16 player cap and look what happens. Shit load of people show up. Man I don’t even know how the hell we fit 14 cars on the lawn lol. Definitely want to thank everyone that came out and especially all the guys from out of CT that hit our tournament up. We really appreciate the support.


1 MarlinPie (FYC) NJ $210.00
2 Magno CT $60.00
3 HondaTech1424 CT $30.00
4 Josh “MrQuotes” Sunarso Montclair, NJ
5 Alex “blueNINE” Smith 01002
5 Emanuel “Manny O” Olaguivel CT
7 Jerry Lemke CT
7 Yea Aite CT
9 Jamal “dwEEb”
9 Tim Holz NY
9 kyriptic CT
9 Apex
13 Joe “Tempest” Burden Danbury, CT
13 Joey “Heir of Slytherin” Miggs CT
13 Andersen CT
13 HeroKiller NY
17 Mindgame
17 Juan “Psychoflex” yanaz NY
17 TommyTwoTime77
17 Mayor McJustin
17 Gysbert MA
17 Benny “Walrus” Danbury, CT
17 Little Buster CT
17 Phantom CT 29
25 LordPangTong
25 Ken
25 Shenmue CT
25 Brandon Venom CT
25 TruBlue CT
25 Murda_Lin CT

During the stream we also beta tested this project I been working on where stream monsters watching can place bets on our live matches (its not for real money). We got a good number of registrations around 40+ I’d say and the top 10 for the night in money were.

1-Gikei $224000
2-woe90 $81188
3-SensingDefiler $33075
4-Nosoul $8332
5-halfcoordinated $5430
6-ChongShin $4500
7-Fojji $4500
8-kelevra $3600
9-jormunderr $3600
10-Its_Nay $2720

Highest bet match was $298,000 by Thugmunk on Manny O vs Hondatech. He had put all his money on Manny O and lost it all sorry man :frowning:

If you placed bets and ran into any issues or have any ideas pass them on to me and we’ll see what we can do. Again it was just a beta test and stuff is already in the works to make it better.

videos and all that good stuff will be posted soon look for them at

Awesome tournament, I had a ton of fun and like always it was a great tournament! It was great seeing so many players from all over. Next time I’ll do better, GGs specifically to Magno and Hondatech both matches came to one hit!

Sorry to Thugmunk though haha.

thanks for having us it was alot of fun, and everyone was really cool. hopefully we can make it down again sometime soon and try to bring more nj peeps w/ us.

-goood showing NJ
-blu9 good seeing you again bro
-CT scene stay fresh
-manny-o clutch shit at the end of that match coulda gone either way
-marlinpie i thot i knew how to block in sf4 but you proved me wrong good shit
-and shoutout to the 35 heads on stream chat that bet vs me on that hondatech match made yallmadson lol

Sweet glad you guys had a good time and definitely hope you all can make it down again for another tournament.

I just looked in the database and the only person that bet on you was sky4us. Do you know him? hehe

Also I wanna find out who this thugmunk guy is hehe. Baller status betting it all on a match hehe.

I know Thugmunk lol Manny does too

I played like garbage in the tourney, but the money matches were HYYYYYYYYPE

please let me know asap of when the next tournament is

Thanks a lot to John, Sarah, and Kyriptic for hosting this! It was worth the trip down, and I’d like to continue going to these. Good shit, guys.

Also, it was good to see everyone. Mad people who I don’t see often. Until next time…take care.

Great Time

Love it man good luck to all entering EVo 2k10 and all the CT Valle Love

props to the great tournament wishing to attend more of these and hoping to do better. and maybe not fighting against kryptic anymore lol

lol sorry man, but dude that was a pretty close match. I think you definitely upped your cammy matchup play since the last time. If you want some pointers on the matchup let me know next time your at PF.

The tourney was awesome again guys I’ll be sure to be there next time too! I want a rematch kyriptic Guile vs Cammy!

btw I WILL be Commentating heavy in the next tourney. you can rest assure of that

Awesome stream guys!

Yeah my name’s Klaus (alias on PSN and Xbox Live = Klaus_Raynor, Klaus Raynor, respectively). Friends with T3 and have met the likes of Manny, Mayor McJustin, etc.

Exciting to be able to bet like that though!! Definitely gave a new layer on the excitement of the match having something riding on it, even if that something was fake $$$.

At least now I know not to bet on Manny. :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome to have A stream monster in the thread. Stay tuned for improvements to the betting site.