Project GiantSword Custom Balltops

Project GiantSword has decided to start creating custom balltops! We’ll be selling pre-made ones on our store and here also, along with taking custom orders. Finally, all that warhammer figure painting skills have come in handy! :wink:

Our balltops are hand drawn, painted meticulously for hours, and finished off with a non-yellowing clear coat for high-shine and durability.

Expect nothing but original work! We do not infringe on copyright, meaning we will not replicate characters or other people’s work, so please be aware of that in your requests.

Available balltops:

Zombie Flesh (pictures with clear coat soon to come)

More Images on our Flickr

This very cool.
Different from other Custom Painted Balltops.

Would you do a durability test?
Regarding the clear coat I am meaning.

One of my Custom ones fell rolled off the car seat.
Fell off when I was making a turn.
And landed on the floor.

At a red light, I had opportunity to pick up the Balltop.
Because that is safety; I will not pick up stuff while vehicle is in motion.

Upon inspection, I noticed small lines.
The lines I thought was just dust.
Turns out not so.

What became were hairline cracks.
Cracks of the clear coat from one pole of the Balltop to other.

From the initial fall, I dismissed the possibility of the clear coat cracking.
Because the distance from the car seat to point of impact on floor below did not seem significant.

I protect the Custom Balltops now with my stuffed panda bear.
Is what I use when I drive to transport.

So I ask you to do a small run of tests.
Varying the distance of fall, varying the setting to test.

Hmm I wonder what was used, so I can avoid it indefinitely XD
I will set Valbjorn to the task!

Glad to hear it. Not only does it mean you guys are professional and respectful of others intellectual property, but re-creating other peoples work ad infinitum stifles creativity. Much respect!

Thank you Scaffa, and I don’t state it to step on anyone’s toes, it is just a standard we’ve been trained to have.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Just a heads up! We’re running a promotion now through Sept. 29th!

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter & get a coupon code for 20% off our Custom Balltops :slight_smile:
Latest Custom Balltop for Team Brokentier’s IFC YIPES!

I had a question, are you uncoating balltops and repainting them or making the balltop yourself? And if you are uncoating them could you possibly PM me how you do it? I wanna make my own custom balltops but I dont know how to go about it

I would start with a white balltop if you plan to use many colors, and use sand paper to remove the gloss coat so that paint may adhere. I think there is another thread in the forums here that has more detail on how to go about it, pictures and all :slight_smile:

nice work :slight_smile:

Here’s our latest custom balltop for Karnage, nice and simple :slight_smile: to go along with busy artwork

can you make custom batops too? one to fit seimitsu LS32.

We could, but it would no longer have that grip texture that they have normally. It would be slick and glossy.