Project Gloom Stick/less

Well, I’ve decided to just make this idea open to the public - I’m going to be opening a restaurant soon, and “Gloom Stick/less” is not going to get the attention it deserves.

I’ve approached several custom stick builders about it - and after I explain it they freak out and stop returning emails.

By making it open-source hopefully we can innovate on this in the best way: together.

Project Gloom is a modular arcade stick that can be converted from stick to stickless by undoing 2 clasps on the outside of the case, disconnecting a plug internally (the up, down, left, right, and ground will be wired to either a db9 or usb connector that separates in the middle of the box.), plugging in the new half, and closing the clasps.

So, what we have is an arcade stick, split down the middle, that has 2 left halves, with 2 control schemes. The wiring idea is to keep all the guts on the right side, so that there is a minimum of wires that’ll need to be disconnected when detaching the halves. I’m told a usb connector can accommodate 5 wires, so that’s most likely the best route. One for each direction and a common ground. Obviously this’ll only work with sticks that don’t use a harness (unless you wanna get all fancy).

In the prototype I’m putting together the box will just be built out of MDF on all sides. On the inside of the left halves I’ll glue a bit of plywood sticking out an inch or 2 from the inside side walls to keep everything solid when put together. To hold the halves together I’m just going to use levered brass clasps. To accommodate the “Hitbox Style” layout of having a jump button for both thumbs the case will have to be cut in an L7 (if the back of the 7 was straight down) shape.

So why “Gloom”? Because the aesthetic of the boxes was going to be to paint/stain them nice. And then destroy them. Blowtorch scars into the finish, cut chunks out and refill them with clear epoxy, sand off the finish in areas. Make it look like it was found at the bottom of the ocean after a horrible fire.

I’ve never seen anything like these and I think it’s the future of stick building. Have a character you need extra precision on? Use the button half. Someone you feel totally comfortable with on a stick and don’t think precision’ll gain you anything? Use the stick half. Maybe you like the idea of the stickless style, but aren’t ready to commit. It’s 2 styles in 1.5 the space.

So, use my idea SRK Tech Talk denizens. It’s my gift to you - Let’s help each other evolve controllers.

The only thing I care about is a little credit for the idea.

<3 <3 <3

Saved for whatever…

Cigarbob did something similar way back, but it was american parts and japanese parts instead of stick and no stick. His were nice sit down cabinets (no monitor, just the CP) too.

It can be done probably pretty easily.
I thought USB was 4 pins…
RJ45 or even plain 6P6C would work great too for the detachable half.

The distressed finish is a neat idea, but I’ve never seen it done to where it looks good (authentic). If you want something to show battle scars, pine with a few coats of poly. It will show dings and natural defects very well, and will still look tons better than putting a nice finish on something then intentionally marring it.

Even on the woodworking shows I’ve seen where they did the distressed finish, it never looked that good to me. The problem lies in authenticity; the finished projects never look “aged”. They look exactly as they are: a newly finished piece that someone intentionally defaced.

Definitely an interesting idea though. I still need to make a hitbox panel and see what the fuss is about.

To be fair, it shouldn’t look just “aged”. It should, in this case, look fucked up. Maybe it was thrown down stairs? Used as a weapon? Etc. It shouldn’t look well done.

That’s just my aesthetic though…

here’s something not well done…i think if we make em look like this they will sell like hot cakes :smiley:

I had originally thought that was the way to go, but after playing on my stickless it’s better to have the up key right in the middle and to the bottom - so you can “dual thumb” it.

Then I thought about keeping the up key on the right half, but that complicates the wiring.

Aha! So you did have the same idea as me. I was hoping to be the first one to build one of these, but it looks like you posted the idea first. I had a suspicion you had my idea when you asked about the wiring in the “weird wiring” thread.

Yep, that’s what I imagined as well.

That would work. An advantage is that noone would worry about messing up the case because it already is. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol synchronicity.

Now we can all collaborate!

Who gets the credit?
Because SRK is weird “patent pending” about that.

Sort of want…

I’m more than happy to share credit with CerebralVortex for originating the idea. We had no knowledge of each others ideas, so it’s not like stealing or anything.

@Cerebral: What were your plans like for it? Or do you still want to keep them under wraps?

Actually, I was thinking of incorporating phreakmods Link into my mod. I was gonna call it the Combo Box. It’s gonna have both a JLF and buttons. I think I’ll need to use switches tho, since I want it so I won’t have to open the case.

USB is 4 wires, bit you can squeeze a 5th line in if you use the ground shield

Is there some sort of switch that can switch between two incoming usb’s into one going out? So I can switch between the jlf and the buttons.

I’d imagine you could just use an ON-A/ON-B switch.


Then at the split would be your On/On Like an A/B/Y splitter without the ‘Y’. It’d be a little more wiring, but nothing crazy if I’m thinking about it correctly.

So, are you cool with sharing credit for the idea of the “Stick/less” (fucking love that name) and just having there be 2 styles with individual credit applied to each?

Convertible Arcade Controller by abandonist and CerebralVortex
Stick/less by abandonist - my style is free for anyone to adopt as long as credit is given.
Combo Box by CerebralVortex - you decide how your creative commons license or Patent situation would work.


Your idea was similar, but not the same as mine, so you can have sole credit for your idea. If I read correctly your setup would be three pieces, with the 2 left sides being interchangeable with the right. That’s an awesome idea and I have been thinking of ways you could implement that, but nothing solid…yet, and being as how our ideas are similar we can collaborate to see what we can come up for each other.

As for my idea, my idea was to have the joystick and buttons together in one case. When phreakazoid187 announced his new product “The Link,” I immediately had the idea for this. Obviously some maneuvering of the joystick and button layout would be necessary in order to fit everything, but I know I can pull it off. Now as for the wiring, I have a simple drawing I made up that I think would work, but seeing as how I am new here and don’t have much experience (but I do have some) with the electrical aspect of things I will have to run it by you guys to see if there are any problems with it.

As for the patent and license stuff, I really have no experience with that so if there is someone who can point me in a direction where I can get more info on that subject it is much appreciated. I am doing this as a hobby, and this place has given me a lot of unique and creative ideas for different projects and the “Combo Box” (which is what I like to call my idea) is just one of them. Currently my hours at work have been shortened so I am working on an increasingly smaller amount of resources so it becomes that much more difficult to get these ideas of the ground. I wouldn’t want shoot myself in the foot by just giving away a money making idea. That being said I am not particularly interested in financial gain (although that’s always a plus) I just want to be able to see my ideas come to life, especially if I think it would benefit others, and to be compensated for my work and effort (who doesn’t?).

Also, I am new here so I may ask some dumb questions sometimes. For example this one, how do I post pics? I hope its not as easy as I think it is or I’ll feel real stupid.

There’s a little button in the comment box area that has a tree on it or something, that’s the picture button d( ’ - ^ )z

And how do I give my pics a URL? I’m guessing I have to upload them somehow?