Project GT-C. Let's talk about circular JLF restrictors

Because I know this will be asked a whole bunch, I made a cheesy little video to help with installing the GT-C.

Back up at Lizard licks just ordered mine. =)

Yes, we have a boatload of these in stock now… They are a featured item on our homepage… Thank you Toodles…

Lizard Lick Amusements

Order received. Thanks, as always speedy and packed nicely. Now just to wait for Toodles optical to compliment the circle gates. Kudos guys.

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Just placed an order for one of these badboys along with a ChImp SMD. Super excited to see what it feels like. Will post up impressions once i get my hands on it. I’ve always wanted to try a circular gate but im not a fan of Seimitsu or Happ sticks. Props to Toodles for always stepping it up and fulfilling our joystick needs! :slight_smile:

**JILF **mod
~Ball top (bat top added too much torque)
~Cherry switches (quicker engage, softer)
~LS-55 spring solo

The GT-C is pretty awesome! Mostly been playing 3rd strike shotos with it.
Also have had no issues with charge characters, where on other octogates (JLF,LS-56) I had issues mostly with charge supers (Guile dbl flash).

Only problem I’ve had is that it makes me suck on square gates again.
I’m American, as far as gates go, I ride that shit!:360::360::360::360::rock:

That’s about as American you can make the JLF. It truly is a work of art.

Received and installed mine. Fantastic product.

I know Toodles you wanted some feedback good or bad. I ran into an issue with swapping out the gate. Because it was a really tight fit and didn’t slide in easy, I busted one of the flexible spring like plastic bits on the outer gate while trying to swap the GT-C gate in. Not sure if it was because I’m ham fisted or if the gate has seen some wear. Because it was so hard for me to turn, I had to push in really hard to get the GT-C turned to the lock in place. I’m thinking maybe I should sand the gate down a little so it slides into place with less resistance. No big deal for me since I have a few extra gates just thought that you should know.

With that said, the joystick seemed to work fine with the gate on, but I had to switch back because I am so used to having corners.

That sucks man, Im sorry the tab came off. How is that even possible? The spring doesn’t get bent any further than an original restrictor would bend it, and the surface that makes contact with the spring is smooth, not textured. I feel that it happened but I’m scratching my head over how it happened.

It happened to one of my gates that I only ever had a square/octogate in. I think it’s just poor/thin plastic + wear from taking out the gate multiple times.

Just to be clear, you are saying this did NOT happen when you put a GT-C in, correct? It’s unclear to me if the tab broke putting in a GT-C or if the tab broke when you put a squre or octagon in.

Correct, it was prior to me purchasing the circle gate. My circle gate installed without a problem, no broken tabs.

Yeah it is totally possible that it just could have been the fault of the sanwa gate. I’ve also busted a gate in the past, but with the gt-c I found it harder to turn because of the shortened tabs. I had to push it in really hard to get enough of grip on the locking levers to grip with my thumbs. I have thick fingers so I’m like “The Thing” from Fantastic 4 when it comes to delicate stuff like this.

I tried out Brighennes Sanwa Flash with your new round gate this weekend and I think it’s the perfect combination, no corners or switches to worry about and smooth as butter. I’ll probably end up getting an ASCII clone for now but Toodles please let me know you are still working on your flash clones and that I can has one =D

Picked up 2 for my personal sticks a few days ago and after having had some serious face time with them I would have to say that I am really diggin the GT-C’s. The learning curve from moving from a square gate was minimal and a much more pleasant experience than going from a square to an octo gate. Over the years I have tried just about every mod possible for the JLF in search of the “ultimate joystick” and pleased to report that for me these are all I need to complete the JLF. Toodles you’ve one a great job with these, I can’t wait to try them with your new optical board! (eager tester for hire foreal)

Not only am I working on it, I’m getting dates nailed down. Current estimate is end of March to mid April for when they’re out and for sale. Samples from the production molds should be here Mondayish, which means I can test them out, finalize the board, and then I’ll just be waiting for the assembled pcbs to arrive. :slight_smile:
And yes, they do work beautifully together.

I’m glad you like them.
Please, please oh please, if you like them, please let folks know. I’m gonna be in the hole for these for quite a while, and the more people know about these, the sooner I break even and can free up the funds for the next projects. Let the guys you play with try them out. Let people on other boards like cheapassgamer, NeoGAF,, Something Awful, whatever. If you like it, let people know.

And also, those of you that have ordered one, thank you for taking the chance on me. I appreciate it very much.

With everything youve done for us I dont really think its taking a chance on any new products you put out

I’ve received mine from LL a few days ago and just installed it today. The gate is pretty good, except I have trouble hitting the diagonals in the up directions. The standard throw and stiffness of a JLF makes it hard for me to do any motion longer than a half circle.

Are you sure you have the clear plate snapped in all of the way on the four black prongs? I’m not seeing any other way that there could be trouble with one set of diagonals but not the others.