Project Justice: Demon Hyo BV attack?

For those of you who are familiar with the game I’m hoping you can help me out with this one. Demon Hyo has a BV attack called Mugen Shunsattsu Huon. What he does is stand with his chest wide open and then charges at you slicing you twice and then your body flips over and land on your head. From time to time while fighting against him sometimes when he does this attack it is unblockable and he stabs his sword in you and sliceses you from the inside out after draining some energy. I read at gamefaqs how to do it, but those directions aren’t working out for me. See them for yourself.

  • D-HYO’s “Impaler” …this is a nasty energy draining move that a lot of you
    were keen to know how to do. Contributor “Baymy1” gave me his method of pulling
    it off. I haven’t been able to do it myself, but the rest of you may have more
    nimble fingers …so I have included it.
  • Qcb, qcb + punch, then move the stick/d-pad a full circle clockwise from
    forward (if facing right, anti-clock if facing left) then press Punch.

Now I’ve tried to do thid numerous times but its not working for me. Is there another method or a more excact way to do it?
Thanks in advance.


Demon Hyo does in fact have an “unblockable” super. Unblockable because it’s actually a throw. I don’t play Demon Hyo, but I’ll get my copy of PJ back from a buddy of mine this week and look into it for you. I used to know all his BVs.

From what I hear, the second part of that BV is just any Punch button once…but the timing is …

…for lack of a better word, flaming!!

There’s a bug to get it right every time, but I forgot how to do it…

I believe it’s connecting his other super first (his “forcefield” super), and then quickly do his grab super and mash on P, and it automatically grabs him.

…how the hell do you unlock Demon Hyo to begin with?

Thank goodness for gamefaqs, it took me the longest to figure this shit out. I was getting pissed because I kept sitting there ending the game makeing sure that each and every character fought the last guy. Talk about making a dumbass of yourself in the privacy of your own home. The I read at game faqs that there are different story routes that you need to take, so it’s not just beating it with everyone but that it has to be done with each school differently. Here are the directions condensed.

So does anyone have an exact motion for D. Hyo’s BV attack yet?


try checking out , has some basic and advance stuff, and no i dont know it, ive heard of it before but i dont really use the guy so never really bothered

The site dosen’t have a move list… Anybody else got any ideas?


ummm yes it does… look carefully

I am so powerful:D

Could you provide a link because all I get is this same page everytime I click on the moves list.

Dammit!! seems like they don’t want to tell you how to do the move either!!!:mad: Thanks for the link though.

Hey Icege if your out there could you please get back to me on this one!!? (should have sent him a pm :sweat: )


Just bumping this to see if anybodies got a motion for this yet.

Old thread = old… but anyway…

I just got back into playing this via DEMUL v0.5.6 and I was looking for some combo vids for the game and I happened upon one that show D.Hyo catching his opponent in this ‘impaler’ move after a juggle!

So methinks maybe the move is done on an airborn opponent as a juggle and possibly occurs randomly on the ground. Gonna test it and will post back.

NB: This is practically the only move I never worked out how to do in any fighting game I ever played! :wonder:

just checking to see if anyone knows how to do the demon hyo raging demon yet

no, its definitely not random on the ground and there is no 360 motion involved. stay free, whoever thought of that.
as said above, you just have to press one of the punch buttons with certain timing. ive gotten it to be somewhat consistent if right in front of the opponent but i cant get it to grab consistently from a distance and i still dont fully understand the spacing requirements for when you have to actually press the button. i cant figure out how close to the opponent should i be before before hitting P during the dash up from a distance and the timing is fucking tight.

if anyone else has the time or patience to hit up the lab with this stupid old game and try to figure this shit out,
i think the fact that you can cancel the dash into the attack version before even reaching the opponent by pressing punch seems like a hint as to how it should work.