Project Justice Thread


whats up with this game. Used to love it back in the day, I would enjoy playing this game again. Is there a community and or website dedicated to this fantastic game? Combo videos? etc. someone help me out.


It was a great game, but unless a sequel comes out, its time is well past.

Maybe if we’re super-nice to Capcom, they’ll get around to it after they finish SF4.


Damn, yo.

I forgot I had this game!

Searches through DC games


I played a lot of it on the ps1 and just recently someone has been brining their dreamcast and the game, and it is really buggy and un-balanced. That’s how I feel about it. Nothing is balanced, which is pretty common with capcom. lol


thats’ what im saying. The game is broken/has infinites, but what game doesn’t? lol. I wouldl ike to see vids of top-play when the game was at its prime?

where my dogs at?


I have Rival Schools United by Fate and unless you disable recovery (defensive fall) there are no infinites as far as I remember.


These are the most recent combo vids I believe: - DJI’s project justice revival vol. 1 - DJI’s project justice revival vol. 2

Persona made a bunch of them early in the game’s ‘prime’, can’t seem to find them atm.


team sports bitches… shoma is the fucking man… and ran is so good…


Man I used to rule at Rival Schools at the arcades until this one day a chick beat me twice in a row. :sweat:


man i love this game, i used to play it to death on my Dc, the jap version kicks ass and has that weird board game too:lovin:

anyways my momo(tennis girl) + Wild Daigo > you any day!!!:lovin:

Good thing i made a backup long time ago so I still have this game but no Dc!!! T_T it would kiss ass if Sega released this game on ps2!!! and while they are at it release those powerstones on ps2 also




Daigo was the man.

Coolest super ever? lol


The sequel seems broken.

I play the first one, is the second one worth picking up?


i play sequel more than rival schools… it was a lot of fun ( still is cuse i still play it.)


project justice is the shit. i cant seem to find my copy around.



Very much so.


PJ had a god tier and RS was broken also, lighting counter everything and Gan was top tier. Gan’s 1 frame super too good and it couldnt be blocked


Who’s the god tier in PJ?


PJ owns, I use Hayate and Shoma. Third person on my team doesn’t matter they never get to see action.