Project Justice. Why is Roy good? and who is the worst character?


People always claim that the top of this game are Momo, Roberto, Kyosuke, and Roy. I want to know what makes roy any good.

Is Gan the worst character?


roy got infinites
air-set-ups with touch-downs and Dynamite-Justice

so as kyosuke …

for momo and roberto , once you got hit with a lp , you’ll start crying

as for gan , he’s to slowwww …


Actually, everyone is the worst, because Project Justice is TRASH!


Re: Re: Project Justice. Why is Roy good? and who is the worst character?

fuck you


i whack off as i play as Ran




Just that? He’s slow? So he IS the worst? dude but I thought he gets massive damage + life.

I’ve never heard of Kyosuke infinite, hook it up


PJ is a fun little diversion, great for starting people off on fighting games in my experience.

Kyosuke only has one infinite that I can think of off the top of my head, which only works in arcade and on the school room stage, this should not even count.

Nagare should be in the tops, that bitch is fucking cheap, and has an infinite to boot.


seriously , gan is difficult in defence against quick character …
he’s like roberto though , but people would rather pick roberto over gan …

and his super throw , on ground , kyoko would be the choice …

nagare is difficult in rushing on the opponents , and his defence is difficult as hell … he’s to difficult to win in a serious match …
luv’ his 40 hitters yo’ !

i was planning to put nagare on top of daigo …yeah , better fixed that … but i have doubt about nagare being good , i used nagare ***ed up some local roberto scrubs in january , doing 40 hits on roberto and CPR as a final blow .:stuck_out_tongue:

now i rarely used him , medicore players already learned about nagare’s strat , and most of the them trying to learn the 40hitters themself :lol:


OK, then, what makes Daigo better than Gan?


nothing! daigo’s normal…he’s slow though but gan’s too slow…

for gan every move he always made a weak spot , daigo also but gan has ths mos weak spot …

daigo can poke him .
daigo can’t poke others .

winning in a match with gan is so much harder than daigo …

anyway gan’s qcf-p in the air has the same range as Q capture & deadl Blow … abuse that

but normal air-throw beat that special attack …

and basic stuff , tardy counter with gan’s f.lp and chain with hp or c.hp and do some combos