Project Justice

This game was one of the last great Dreamcast attractions in my opinion. Your thoughts? :wgrin:

This game is great, I wish they had more of a following. They really could have made this game better than what they left it at.

Indeed, and thank you for being the first to respond. This game was the true sequel to Rival Schools; it had the roster, a wide variety of moves, and a balanced control system. Why is it that this game never got the credit it deserved nor the following from “real fighting game fans,” the same people who crowd behind Street Fighter every waking moment? However, it’s quite apparent that people don’t realize what they truly have until it’s gone.

well characters with brain dead infinites or ridiculous damage kind of spoiled some of it. I think its fun. Just not really tourney worth. I don’t really even remember how to play anymore ahah. Roy Infinite super basic kurow video

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First off, thank you for being the second person to respond to this. I kind of find it funny that you say that. Now, from what I’ve seen from the Evo DVDs such as Sakura in A groove in CvS2, she has what looks like an infinite, yet that game is still tourney worthy. What about the Magneto infinites and other loops in MvC2? MvC2 is still considered one of the best played games out there despite that and the top-tier “rape” each and every time (Meaning everyone chooses the top-tier characters and basically excludes the other characters in the roster).

Well, MvC2 infinites damage scale horribly at the end, thus you use throws, a Mag Tempest (in Magneto’s case), or an assist to reset. They’re not really using for killing someone, it’s more of wasting time and building meter for DHC’s. I don’t think A-Sakura has an infinite at all, the sho-sho-sho thing is just making the most out of the CC activate and is her strongest damage dealing option.

It’s not just the infinites (and I’ve only ever seen the Roy one used practically…hm.) that sinks the game. It’s tiered a la Marvel too. Make no mistake, at high level ProJus in the arcades (from the experience) it’s the top tiers that will get used as well. In fact I’d say it’s almost Marvel like in having to see Momo/Roy/Kurow/Rob/Hideo all day. The likes of do extended air combos with ridiculous damage that some characters can only dream of.

I somewhat agree though, it’s really aimed for a more casual audience, really.

In PJ there’s also that free, no-meter alpha counter (er, tardy counter) is one. The can’t-be-killed-by-block -damage is an annoying thing too, it can lead to turtling for days.

Also, old threads.

The Roy “inf” does not seem like one.

That’s the b+hk command scooping up the body for another go right?
I think it works, I’ve seen it or some semblance thereof in matches, whether irl or YT:


And even if one doesn’t know the infinite, Roy has some really easy, retarded-ly strong damage regardless, off the moves involved (b+hk or the mini launch db+hp shoulder charge).

Well, after reviewing the old threads, it seems you’re right. But the average gamer doesn’t even know this game exists, yet if you ask a question about MvC2, you’re swarmed with words of praise for it. I think it’s because this game was part of the “excess” era in which Capcom was releasing every “side attraction title” to the dreamcast and this game got classified along side Spawn, Cannon Spike, Power Stone, etc.

go try it. Its an infinite.

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Fun fact: the PAL ver. of Rival Schools 2 is said to be the most balanced.

:u: And why is that? What did they add or take away?

Interesting to say the least… it’s kinda played out more like the first games rather than a ProJus style. Can I comment constructively on the Natsu play on here or on YouTube?

I don’t know much PJ as I played more RS back then. Comment on my Natsu on AIM (same SRK screen handle). I use her in RS too.

Yep Project Justice is the shizznit! I use to have Rival Schools on PS but ended up losing it; got it when it first came out on the PS too, around the same time Metal Gear Solid was released. Damn that was some good times!!! I don’t have it anymore, but I still have PJ on my Dreamcast and still play it to this day. I play it with my 12 year old nephew and he’s starting to like it and get into it too; I think its one of those games thats extremely easy to learn, but just not that hard to master, at least the basics…but still fun as hell to play. I wish I could have more comp on it other than my nephew though!:wonder:on my signature it shows who I use…who you guys use?

I only played it briefly, but I always mained Roberto. I just loved having soccer player as a fighting game character!

Couple of balances and fixes here and there, I don’t think you can do Roy’s inf. or Kyosuke’s float bug. Then again I haven’t played the game much myself to fully see if at least Roy’s inf. was left it.
Another fun fact; Apollo Justice from Capcom’s G. Saiban games looks like Shoma wearing Roy’s outfit :smiley:

The first Rival Schools was fun and had good music.

I never enjoyed Project Justice for some reason.

OK I’ve been meaning to ask this for a long time; there were 2 RS games released to the PSX; the 2nd being and updated ver. of sorts of the arcade ver. What I want to know is if this 2nd game came in 2 discs or 1.


First PSX port was the two-disc one. It had the Arcade and Evo discs.

Evo 2 (the one with the numerous mini-games and introduced Nagare and Ran) was just one disc.

Edit- Oh you meant Project Justice, same for the earlier post. (Evo 2 was like the CvS:Pro to RS’s CvS after all). In that case, I think there’s only the DC port. And yeah they removed the Kyosuke airwalk glitch in the port.


Alright then. I’ll IM when I’m not occupied. Thanks!