Project Koopa Troopa

Hello, again. It’s been a week or two since I last made a thread on how I was schemin on a gopher turtle shell in the yard and since then, I’ve redone it. Quiche had a gripe last time I put the other turtle shell together that it should’ve been green, so I decided I’d give his way a try. Take a look.

First, soaked it in some hot water and scrubbed it with a tooth brush to remove dirt and other debris. Yes, I do have kittahs.

A big chunk fell off in the cleaning process, which goes back on with a good quality adhesive.

All cleaned up:

Dried and then sprayed with primer

I decided to go green for this shell

After the green dries I flip it over and do the underside yellow like the Koopa Troopa theme. Most turtles/tortoises have a pale yellow underside anyway.

And lastly, what Koopa Troopa shell is complete without it’s trademark shell pattern?

Came out pretty good, I’d say! The gopher turtle’s shell where the plates all meet already had the koopa troopa pattern, all I did once it was painted was take a black sharpie marker and trace the creases in the shell. I’m convinced Miyamoto and design crew used the gopher turtle shell for the koopa troopas now.

The paint I used was from the auto parts store, cost about $5.50 a can but was worth it for the high gloss look you get. It’s also rated at 500 degrees! Take that added plus however you will.

Great work :tup:

Didn’t you make a blue one a little while ago?

LoL. Looks pretty coo’.

Refurbishin’ turtle shells. :cool:

Yeah, it didn’t come out so great due to lack of remaining shell and an odd pattern that box turtles have on their shells. I ended up using clay baked in a kiln for 30% of the shell to fill in the missing pieces. Overall, I like this one better. Plus, it’s bigger by quite a bit.

Do you have a convertible? Time to go street racing and toss them at other drivers.

I’ve got a Corvette with a removable roof, it just doesn’t run. :smile: I might stick to turtle shell restoration, it’s cheaper, easier and takes a day instead of years.

That is the most epic way to recycle the remains of a shell-bound reptile corpse.

How will you ever find the spikes to make it a blue shell? …Or wings for that matter?!