Project Learning Lab: Kenshi tutorial



hello everyone. I know that SRK is not a huge fan of MK. though i would like to share this Video as a part of spreading the word for for the Learning Lab project.

Hello everyone. This is a project Made for the MK communities, I represent the latest project “The learning Lab” .representation and clan Crazy 88! Exclusive . Originated and main source

Just launched the first step of the project yesterday, Introducing Kenshi. It’s a full tutorial Video that cover kenshi, basic understanding of how to play with him, Wake ups, Anti wake ups, Projectile, Attack attributes, Footsies…and many more

The vid is 13 min Long. Watch and enjoy.
NOTE: watch the end of the vid to learn how to Block Subzero’s Clones!!

Currently looking for members to work with in such a project.Interested in becoming a part of the project? Before or after Evo? Hit me up for a brief detail, and/or Visit

Hope the vid is helpful. If you have any question please hit me up. I shall post detailed Transcript in here today. I shall also continue and post the full write up on kenshi on both TYM and MKU community sites.

Thnx again for reading. Transcript will be up soon! any questions please go ahead.

UPDATES: August 21st. Second installment of Kenshi Project learning Lab.
Done By: Under_the_mayo
The science of Kenshi: the ultimate Video Guide MK 9.


Thanks many to Mayo for this sweet video. It pretty much takes you into Kenshi from Scratch, and moves up slowly to get you acquainted and familiar with Kenshi.
It talks about the basic structure of kenshi, and how to play /approach such a character. Moves from basic to advance through out the video.

the good part about this tutorial is that it’s Narrated! so i will take your from your hand, step by step to climb up Kenshi Ladder.

Enjoy this sweet video. The video Transcript will be up soon

UPDATES:August 21st. Kenshi Guide, Full wirte up.

In the next two post, you will see the full Write up for Kenshi. It’s made in extra details, and will be kept on update from time to time.
Anything and everything you want to learn know about kenshi, is there. It also complement both the PLL Kenshi Project Vids. So you can watch them both and read the write up to fully understand the character.


Wow, that first vid is really going to improve my close range game with Kenshi. Thanks for posting this, man.


thanks alot