Project Leo: Sixaxis + Wireless 360 dual mod


It works, I got it done in time for entering a tourny last night. And good thing too because all the systems SF4 was playing on were PS3 (my only other stick was a wireless 360). I was nervous at first because I only tested the ps3 board on my laptop so I didn’t know if it would act the same on a real ps3, but everything went smoothly.

I still need to test the circuit out for including L1 and L2 because the stick I made uses a six button layout (x,square,circle,triangle,R1, and R2). Also, triangle doesn’t need the 22k ohm resistor, just the 1k ohm resistor.

I took pictures, but I don’t have a way to transfer them to my laptop right now. I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to post them.


Here are the pictures of the mod in my new custom stick.

This is the transistor+resistor circuit

You can see the bottom side of the circuit a little bit

Closer look at the ribbon connector on the sixaxis board

I use 25 pin D-Sub connectors so I can connect different controller boards in and out of my sticks. This way none of my sticks are bound to being only used for a particular system. This is were I also have the diodes at. They are important in this mod because both controller boards are not powered at the same time. It prevents the other board’s circuitry from interfering with each other.**


2 things
Battery … are you using the sixaxis battery for both??
PS3 sisxaxis … i don’t see the wireless sensor plug to the board.


I dont have a sixaxis battery hooked up to it yet for two reasons. One, because I didnt want to risk having syncing problems at the tourny I was at. So I just stuck with having it connect through usb. Second, is simply because I dont have any. The lot of sixaxis boards i got from ebay only had the boards.

And what do you mean by the wireless sensor?


Alright I got all the parts and I’m gonna start assembly of the circuit. I got a couple of questions though.

-Which PCB piggybacks on to which PCB, or are signal lines coming from each PCB to the buttons?

-Where do we get the ground for the sixaxis?


Heres a more graphical look at how a button should be wired. This picture I drew shows how the Up button is done.

I used the ground that the sync button uses.

Assistance needed in odd dual mod

Thanks for the diagram helps out a bunch, now 1 last question before I start soldering, based on the drawing, do the resistors have a direction or it doesn’t matter? Here is a pic of the current placement on the PCB i’m working with.


The direction of the resistors does not matter.

The direction of the diodes, on the other hand, does matter.


wow great stuff gumm


Its probably worth mentioning that this mod can also be applied on other non common ground controllers. You could practically dual mod any controller by adding the pnp transistor and a resistor of the right value to each button on a NCG controller.


Good stuff. I’ve been asking this one for a while and no response. Good job.


ok, just want to clear something up before I get to the nitty gritty of soldering. The collectors that are shown in the diagram have to all be connected together? The pins from the sixaxis are soldered to the emitters but do not have to be connected to each other.


Yes that is correct.

The collectors for the L1/L2/U/D/L/R are all connected to pin 7. The collector for PS is connected to pin 8. The collectors for Start/Select connect to pin 10. And all the collectors for X/Tri/Sqr/Cir/R1/R2 are connected to pin 13.

The emitters do not connect to each other.


thanks, i’m gonna get started hopefully everything works out. my concern now is trying to fit all this into a TE LOL


The TE has plenty of space if you put everything in the bottom area of the case. You can drill holes through the plastic to pass the wires to hook them up to the buttons. I’ve done 2 TE dual mods. One of both systems. For the 360 TE I was able to stick a Hori ps3 fighting stick 3 board in there.

I’m curious, are you going to be using the AXISdaptor to help aid you in the mod?


^^^ You know, I hadn’t though about that, that would make it alot easier, would I still need the resistors between pin 7&8 and 13&14. When you said to get the ground from the PS button, does that mean from the sixaxis PCB itself or is any of the 20 pins a ground.


If you use the axisdaptor, you would put the two 1k ohm resistors on that board instead of the two resistors that come with the axisdaptor.

I think i said from the wireless sync button, but I’m not entirely sure that is the real ground or just another ground line. I forgot if I tested that or not XD. Probably should use the battery ground pin or the usb ground pin.


I think Ill just go the regular way and not use an axisdaptor, I will however use one of the 20 pin FFC connectors to minimize soldering on the sixaxis pcb.


spent the last 4 hours putting the circuit together and i can’t get it to work, got the ground from the usb port


I suggest just trying to just get one button to work at a time. Then once you have the entire sixaxis done, then work on adding the 360 controller.

I use a software called Xpadder to test out the sixaxis board since I dont own a ps3. Its a lot faster/better to test things out with Xpadder because I can visually see what buttons are being pressed or held down. Plus I can carry my laptop to my work station.

I will try my best to help you out, but I just need more info on what the problems you are running through.