Project: LLC Metal Replacement Panels Round 9 Stainless Steel

What material are the spacers made out of? And are they all cylindrical in shape?

Im really interested in getting a Panel, good work!..

TE panel replacements are 16ga Commercial Grade quality, and the DIY panels are 14ga Commercial Grade quality

Here is a pic of some of the spacers

I originally wanted to use steel spacers only but i tried the nylon spacers and they work incredibly well, they are just fantastic.
These spacers here from left to right are 8mm for fanta sticks, 2mms for sanwa and seimitsu, and 10mm for Happ(the 8mm works just as well for happ).
These spacers have all been tested for hours and hours and hours and they all perform exactly the same without any damage to the spacer whatsoever and no movement when using the spacers. so everything tested great

Thanks alot they will be availalbe shortly

Yeah, good stuff.


Markman was doing an interest check about TE metal panels a while ago too. I wonder if these end up being successful we’ll see some Madcatz ones.

in for an HRAP 6 button layout ASAP!

thanks for the support guys

Hraps are coming, as soon as i get my hands on a hrap or the very least a panel

HRAP panels are listed as coming soon. Do you mean the classic HRAPs or the new VX/V3 models?

The classics and the vlx. I am not too sure about the vx and v3 just because they dont look like have steel control panels but if i am wrong i will look into those as well especially because i want an excuse to pick up a v3 hahaha

As long as it fits on my T5, im good.

Heres a random question, would it be possible to put a TE Turbo Panel into a T5 stick? If so id love to have a custom T5 panel with the TE turbo panel cut out. That would make me happy lol

VMS did a mod on a V3 before and underneath the sticker is a metal plate:

O wow thanks, looks like i have an excuse to get a V3 hahaha

Thanks for all the support guys, I am getting alot of emails about people wanting panel and for different sticks.

I can do replacement panels for virtually any stick, however steel is not cheap so the more i can sell the more options that will open up for everyone.

Special thanks to thaBadGuy I will have an hrap panel so I may have some of those available with the TE panels and DIY panels.

Also for those who wanted steel panels for other builders custom sticks i have to say that I am sorry but i cannot do that because i do not want to disrespect someone elses work. If it is your custom that you built that is perfectly fine however I will not make any panels for other custom builders work. Thanks for understanding that.

I have a large DIY panel that i should be posting up shortly and a hitbox DIY panel as well.

I plan on making replacement panels for multiple sticks so the more i can branch out will result in more options opening up. If you guys have any other forums or know of any other ways to branch out i would welcome it very much.

Nice thread blk. You can put me down for 3 of the te panels, the hibox, the astro city, and the mk layout. I cant wait for these to be done

Would you be able to do custom etching for the lexan tops? If not, would these compatible with art’s plexi replacements?

will be getting them cut soon just waiting on a couple of last minute things

No custom etching yet but hopefully soon in about a month or two i will be able to custom etch.
As for being compatible with Arts plexi tops, the button placing is the only thing that would differ from his current plexi tops as well as the joystick hole… You could always ask him if he would make a top for it.

These look great. I might need to buy one of these panels.

Damn. I wish these were out 2 weeks ago. Might still want a few though…

Thanks alot

you and me both my friend, these were actually planned to be out months ago but due to hardships i am just now able to get these started.

Wow guys just realized you have given my thread 5 stars. Thanks so much everyone for the great support I am getting.
I am working as fast and as hard as i can to get these ready for everyone so you can have more modding options.

Would be willing to donate my Hori EX2 for research! :smiley:

Once I get some extra money I’m definitely buying some DIY panels!