Project Magenta 2017


Any chance of a European re-seller?


@butteroj Question about profile switching. I know there’s going to be a button header, but will there be headers/pin connections for LEDs to convey which profile is selected? I assume the LEDs on the stick itself is supposed to show which profile is selected. If I can’t get into the case to press the button directly on the stick, I’m not going to be able to see which profile is selected if that’s the only way to know.


I do believe so. The header for the mode switch button is 4 pin. The onboard led also is 4 position showing which mode you are in if you have a clear bottomed case.


Any updates on this. Hopefully this will get released before Frosty Faustings.



I know on your Captain America stick you have a dedicated neutrik for the Magenta stick.

Can you comment on what the process is to switch configurations?
Can you switch profiles without a dedicated button?

I cannot wait until this drops. I preordered as soon as it was available.


The separate neutrik is for ease of programming. You could just pop open your case and hook a USB up to it. I figured if I was building a case around the Magenta I might as well make it as easy as possible. Once you set up each profile you never really have to program it again, I just like to tinker.

No external button is needed to switch profiles either, but again, you would have to open the case and press the onboard button to do so.

If putting in a TE2 or Razer stick all of this would be easy peasy as you can just pop open the top panel.


Well, the Magenta is supposed to be shipping today.

Has anyone gotten any shipping notices?


I haven’t gotten a notice. I messaged PAS on FB a few days ago to ask if it was still shipping today but I didn’t hear anything there.


Found this:

Le sigh, been waiting since end of October to fix my SE solely because of this. Almost getting frustrated. The 64DD may be out before this.


I was hoping to get this before Frostys but hopefully this thing gets released before Combo Breaker.


If this doesn’t come out before CEC, I’m gonna have to blink and buy an LS-32.




Honestly happy they holding it until its perfect. But damn…


Yeah, same. I want it to be right on the money when it drops, but I don’t feel bad in saying the wait is excruciating. Honestly, that in itself is good publicity for the stick itself, because I only touched it at Evo, and have been waiting since JULY to get my hands on it again. That’s how good it is, that it left that sort of impression on me that I’m still holding strong six months later to use it again.

It’d just suck if I have to pay another $20-something in the interim to have my stick for the next major I’m attending, but if it delays until then, it can’t be helped.


So I got in the updated beta board today which is the same as the final product. I don’t have time to install it today but wanted to throw up a quicky showing how the software works. A more detailed video will be put up soon.


Thanks for the breakdown. This thing is gonna fix up my wonky execution of left TK’ing.


For those of you who missed @butteroj s other post. Here’s the detailed video of the software! This thing is scary.


Very interesting… It sure caught my interest


Did anyone get a shipping update for the Magenta? I hope it didn’t get delayed again. :o


Is it even coming out? :pray: