Project Magenta 2017


Magenta’s gonna be on the front page again. This time, we’re sharing some video BornFree took with @armi0024


Looks like the review went live on the SRK home page,


I’m building my first fully custom stick and the more I look into the options out there for various levers, the more I think Magenta may be the way to go, but I have a few questions before I take the plunge.

Originally I thought to look elsewhere because I consider myself at least semi-casual (ie I am not a tournament level player etc) and that it may be “too much stick” to be configured/used properly by someone without a wide basis for comparison. My experience thus far is on a stock Sanwa JLF type (as included in MadCatz TEs), for reference. Does the Magenta come “ready to use” so to speak, or does it require customization/tweaking in order to give a parity experience to another stick (ie JLF) on drop in? From what I’ve seen above it seems it can be JLF-like but one user suggests needing new/different springs, edits and whatnot so I was wondering how it works “out of the box” so to speak, without either hardware mods or software tweaks.

Am I correct that the Magenta is compatible with most Sanwa JLF accessories? That is to say, does it work with Phreakmods The Link and/or other JLF shafts? Could I use The Link and/or the Paradise JLF RGB shaft kit in order to make an RGB ready Magenta, should I pick up a Kaimana sometime in the future? How about ball and bat tops - I saw a few posts that standard tops may need an adapter or not quite sit right without a tweak or two?

Some of the other levers that piqued my interest besides the Magenta include the official Sanwa Silent JLF High Tension (2017 version) and Hori Hayabusa Silent Optical, which I am guessing are likely some of the closest to the Magenta’s class in terms of upgraded switch quality, features, and quietness. Those who have used one or more of them, how do you feel they compare?

Originally I figured that someone in my position may not get enough out of it specifically to justify the price of the Magenta, but the more I think of it the less I think that’s so. So long as the lever can at least give a parity standard JLF experience or better without a lot of specific tweaking, I can always upgrade and tweak it more as my game and preferences evolve - a great feature! Likewise, if I was thinking of purchasing the Sanwa Silent 2017 or Hori Optical, their prices were a big step up from the more basic Sanwa and Seimitsu, so it seems if the Magenta is worth it, it would be a modest addition atop what I’d pay for those two. Though I would not complain if PAS had a discount promo code available sometime soon :smiley:

Thanks everyone.

P.S - Has any thought been given to open-sourcing the config tool or providing a Linux version? Still would be nice for those who favor the platform as I posted above, and the community could assist with packaging/testing and other forms of development.


Is there a plan to design a phreakmods link for this joystick?


@SunTzu81 - Get your replacement magnets and washer from Paradise?

@KnyghtFall - Send a PM to @armi0024 I have no doubt they will produce a removeable shaft if there is enough demand.

@RanceJustice - So many questions… and I’m probably not the best one to be answering these but here goes!

You are correct that Magenta may look expensive at first glance but a basic Japanese stock JLF is $25 shipped and the silent JLF or Hyabusa silent optical are $70-$80. None of the other options out there allow for any real tuning or significant adjustments. Why settle for meh when you can have it all for $20 more?

I think Paradise was shipping a selection of springs with the Magenta pre-orders as a bonus and I’m not sure what deal they are offering on their web site today. The stock JLF is ~ 1 pound spring. I personally like 2 pound for tactile feedback. Some of the players I have met like the 4 pound on the Magenta. It’s all personal preference. If you don’t know I would recommend ordering a Magenta with the 2 pound spring and go from there.

Out of the box Magenta is configured with cardinals, diagonals and deflections to function like a stock JLF. I saw a couple of twitch streamers who played on the Magenta for weeks without taking the time to customize the Magenta settings.

I will say that the best way to custom the Magenta is to have a friend adjust the sliders while you practice your moves in (insert game name here) training mode. Move the sliders a lot at first then make smaller and smaller adjustments until the stick is allowing you to hit your combos consistently. Save the first profile and start tuning a second profile for your next character or a different game.

Link not yet available (See above about drumming up in interest to have these made!)

Hollow shaft not available for Magenta but the Magenta Siren may be a good option.


Got the replacement magnet, replaced the spring to 1lb, applied some blue 242 and now I’m good to go. Tim at paradise was awesome at helping me out and getting me what I needed quickly. While it’s a little more complicated than a standard spring change it isn’t too bad. I just got unlucky with loctite getting in between the magnet, the brass ring and the shaft it seems as others I asked did not have the same issue after removing the screw.

While I did like the additional feedback of the default 2 lb spring, I noticed after long sets of holding down-back my hand would get tired, so that is why I wanted to switch it to the JLF 1 lb spring. While I’m a little more squirrelly in scramble situations with this weight it’s still far more accurate and responsive than a standard JLF. Now that I’ve gone back and forth between a standard JLF and the magenta it’s pretty shocking how much more responsive and accurate it is. I’d even dare to say with the profile changes that @butteroj provided for SFV it’s about as responsive as it is on a hitbox. I also like how they rounded out the corners on the gate more than it is on the standard JLFs square gate. It allows for a smooth slide to up back so that if someone goes for an overhead it’s super quick to block.


@SunTzu81 Good to see you up and running again. Tim over at Paradise is a good guy and really likes to help people out.

One thing, I believe the Magenta shipped with a two pound spring, not a 4 as you stated in your reply. If you ever tried a 4 pound spring you would know with absolute certainty because you would feel the searing pain in your wrist after your first match.

All kidding aside, not even the Tekken guys need a super heavy duty spring installed with magenta since the switch activation points can be adjusted in software. No more relying on a super stiff mechanical spring to guarantee a return to neutral.



Thank you for all your information! I’m very glad to hear that out of the box it is configured as a JLF and doesn’t absolutely require tweaking from day one to be a solid (and from others reports better than solid ) JLF replacement. .

I too will message about requesting a Phreakmods “The Link” . If I am to understand its use correctly, if one is made it will by nature also provide a hollow shaft option via for RGB lighting in the future (I saw hollow shaft and lighting mod compatibility listed as a feature of The Link)? This does make me a little curious though as I was under the impression that Magenta was “mostly” compatible with accessories made for JLF types, so it not being compatible with existing shafts and whatnot surprises me. Is there something different about Magenta’s shaft compared to JLF/Hori that stops JLF The Link from working with it? Are there any other accessories for JLFs (with the exception of the obvious like switch mods or whatnot) that will NOT work with Magenta ?

In addition, for someone ordering a Magenta as a first/primary stick for their build, what other components should they/do they need to order at the same time? For instance, springs - it lists multiple spring tensions as a feature so perhaps it will still offer a selection included or at least the standard JLF 1lb and 2lb option you suggest. I I’m sure I’ll need a bat/ball top, shaft collar and dust washer and should standards for each be compatible with Magenta I’ll use those of course.

I saw the very cool demo of the Magenta Siren used to switch profiles. I’m guessing that will be an additional addon component released down the road?


The only JLF aftermarket performance parts that fit a Magenta are springs. The shaft is completely different as it is tapped and threaded at the base for a screw to hold the magnet in place. The actuator is different as well, again to accomodate the magnet. I’m sure a version of the Link will be released for the Magenta, but it will not be a hollow shaft allowing for LEDs as there is a screw at the base holding everything together.

The Siren is a separate add-on for the Magenta and will hopefully be released “soon”.


Thanks for your reply!

Ahh, I see - I didn’t know the internal components were so different. Glad to hear about The Link, but Is there no solution that would allow a hollow shaft and still hold everything together as it need be? Can you think of any way to add RGB lighting to the Magenta in the future? The Magenta has many great features, but not having the option for RGB lighting is a little disappointing in such a high end lever with a very long expected lifespan. This is not say it may not be a worthy tradeoff for Magenta’s other features, but especially given PAS’s excellent work developing the Kaimana system enabling easier RGB lighting mods/control, it would be a little unfortunate not to have the option with this new lever.

Regarding other components, can the Magenta handle “external” , non-performance related accessories like standard Sanwa/Seimitsu style dust washers and shaft covers? Or is the shaft’s diameter different to the point they wouldn’t fit normally? Likewise, what about bat and ball tops? Does it have the same threading to fit most standard ball tops? Speaking of ball tops, PAS has some gorgeous ones and I love the ones you make personally! I’ll definitely be purchasing one or more of those once I can figure out my color scheme!

Thanks again and looking forward to hearing more about Magenta and Siren!


Currently no, there is absolutely no way for a led balltop. All external accessories do fit as the shaft is the same external diameter and upper height as well as standard 6mm threading.



First, I don’t have a horse in this race. I do not currently use a detachable stick top like the link nor do I use an RGB ball top. I have used both in the past but dropped them long before Magenta came along for various reasons.

While the Link is probably the best known removable shaft out there, imo it is not actually the best. Like all of them, the Link does have a few flaws but I won’t go into that here. You can search the forums or google for others opinions.

The Link does not support the 4 wire RGB ball top because the wires pass through the shaft and would keep the top connected to the base preventing removal. You may be confused because the link is offered in various “RGB” color finishes but this is simply a powder coating on the Link metal surface and does not support RGB LEDs in the ball top.

I would not be surprised if Paradise offered at least one, possibly more removable shaft solutions down the road for Magenta. They are a business and there is no reason to stock anything in the store unless the community wants it.

What’s the best solution? Buy yourself a nice custom ball/bat top from @butteroj and maybe a siren when they are released to pimp out your stick. Just yesterday butteroj was answering my inquiries about building a custom ball top for my setup.


@SunTzu81 All I can say is WOW! That and I need to download @butteroj 's SFV config and see what he’s done.


Is there a way to increase the sensitivity for the sensors? This is as far as I can get with the lever pushed to the bottom all the way:



First make sure your stick is centered at neutral when powering up. You can achieve the same thing in setup by returning the stick to neutral and hitting that calibrate button. If that does not help, inspect the stick and make sure the magenta base is securely and firmly snapped onto the JLF top. If you installed the JLF switch plate without sanding down the text on the side of the JLF switches, remove the JLF switch plate and repeat the above.

If you’re still having problems I would suggest contacting paradise and talk to their support team.

Edit 1: Is your issue symmetrical or does the stick move further down than up?

Edit 2: I was able to reproduce this on my TE2 if I applied power to the magenta while the TE2 lid was open and the joystick shaft parallel to the ground. Gravity was pulling the stick slightly away from neutral during the power on calibration so it was never centered. Launching the software, closing the TE2 lid and pressing software calibrate realigned the stick for me.


All the cardinal directions only go that far, but the diagonals can go further:

Closing the bottom of my Q4RAF and recalibrating doesn’t change the range much.


Diagonals will always go further than cardinals because Magenta has a square gate. If you don’t have the JLF mechanical switches installed and everything I suggested Is correct, I recommend contacting Paradise and see what they can tell you.


Any installation guides for the Panthera yet? I know the power supply works kind of differently and I just wanna go through it before I buy.


@Penguin93 - @SunTzu81 posted where to find power on the Razer a while back and got his stick working. That’s the only mention of the Panthera in this thread.


This new site on the phone is messed trying to add a post lol. Anyone in here tried putting a magenta in a Qanba Dragon ? If so where do I need to solder the cable to / attach ? I usually use a brook UFB so it’s not an issue.
Thanks guys !