Project Magenta 2017


You can solder or use what is known as a Dupont connector for the power. Paradise ships Magenta with a JST connector but you can remove the plastic JST housing and slide the pins over the male Dupont connector in the Razer. (Search back to your last post in this thread.)

I have one custom extra long Panthera connector available for sale to anyone who needs it.


Finally, the problem comes from the magenta stick.
I am waiting for their news to regularize the situation


Since there were no issues with the Siren installs at CEO, I am releasing the very last spare units I was holding in reserve. If anyone wants one of the remote/external mode switches for the Magenta send me a private message. When these last few are gone they are gone!

Siren - an led indicator and switchless profile selector for the Magenta

Is anything like this available for american parts? Optical pcbs for existing P360s would be a dream come true.


Nope, and doubt there ever will be. The market is tiny for American parts unfortunately


So are there any step by step guides for a Panthera installation? Wanna know I wont fuck it yup before dropping $100.


To this day, MvC2 doesn’t feel right on anything besides a Happ Comp or P360. iL makes a great Competition stick.

I had to migrate over tho. With practice my FF UF combos and pressure got worlds better. Japanese levers take more finesse but they’re a lot faster and more accurate IMO.


I posted a photo up above. It’s not hard.


Theres already wires in that spot on the pcb, safe to take those out?


@Pablo_the_Mex - American style is replacing the ball top on the JLF with a bat top right???

@butteroj - American fighstick parts are a secret fetish in Japan!



Sounds like you are not comfortable modifying a fighstick so your best bet is to contact a local moder to help you with the installation.

If you still want to try it yourself, I suggest posting pictures of what you have and explain how you want it connected. Include any special requirements like “I can’t solder”, etc. You’re bound to get more help from the community that way than posting the same comments every couple of weeks.


You need to take a photo as there shouldn’t be any wires going there. That is a secondary on the PCB. The prongs you are looking for should be to the right of the wires that are connected.