Project Magenta 2017


Hey guys, I’m in the process of collecting additional Magenta profiles from players for the various games. If you have a working setup you wish to contribute please PM me about adding yours to the list. I can provide you with attribution or add your profiles to the growing list anonymously if you wish to stay off the grid.


How’s the best way to connect the 2-pin harness to the spare male connector space on the Panthera PCB? Instead of soldering, will I be able to just remove those two wires from the 2-pin harness and directly slide them onto the male connectors, or should I remove the wires in a spare 5-pin harness and use one of those female connector heads?


The magenta cable is a JST PH 2.0mm style connector and I believe the Panthera uses the Dupont 2.54mm. You may be able to force the 2.0mm over the 2.54mm connector or simply solder it since the Magenta side of the cable has a removable plug. If you get jammed up and need a custom cable send me a PM as I should have a couple here.


Does anyone know the size of the screw that holds the magnet in place? Seems to be 3mm x ~10mm, but has an odd thread pitch. I assume it’s the standard equivalent, but not sure if 4-40 or 4-48.

Also I noticed that it’s not very magnetic, is it made of a certain material?


Scroll back about 7 posts and the screw size information is posted there.

During beta testing paradise had custom screws made out of aircraft aluminum specifically for Magenta. Not sure what they are shipping with the production Magenta sticks.


I think the stored profile is less accurate when disconnected from the PC (at least for me). For example, make left and right as close to the center as possible without actuating either direction. Then save and disconnect and retry it in game. In my case pressing/tapping left or made my character stuck going left when pressing left and vice versa, when that didn’t happen while it was connected. I had to dial it down slowly so that it wouldn’t do that when disconnected.


We have noticed a small difference in some cases when you set up the Magneta with it in set up mode and connected to the PS4 and when set up mode is not on. We are looking into what is going on with that and will address this soon. We have noted that our testers did not seem to notice or be affected by this. Please hit and we can help work though a few things. Thank you!


I apologize in advance if this has been discussed before, but I have a question.

Is there a way to calibrate the magenta on the fly outside of the software? I know that you can switch profiles with the extra cable, but don’t recall reading anything about calibration.


No sir. It can only be done via the software.


Anyone know a good way to record magenta inputs and gameplay at the same time?

Been working on Lightning Loops and Bullet Hell in UMvC3. Both get dropped because I miss the down input. It’s annoying as heck. I want to see what I’m doing wrong so I can either adjust my execution or adjust the magenta to compensate.

Also: Is it safe to connect the magenta to a pc while the stick its in is also plugged in and powered on?


Yes, use OBS studio
And yes to the 2nd question


Is the Magenta stick fully compatible with:

Jasen’s Customs EZ Mod - TE2 (xbox one) WITH brook universal fighting board + headers without any soldering?


It absolutely is.


Thanks for the reply,

Can you tell me if the square gate on the magenta is noticeable I do like to know without a doubt the corners? I know this can be done via profiles within the stick but I’m referring to physical feeling of the 4 corners.

Lastly how silent is it late at night I don’t want the click click sounds…?


Yes, the gate is there, no different than a jlf. The stick is also silent other than if you smack the gate, since the switches are gone.



I was contemplating to get the Hori Hayabusa silent optical stick but its to much of a hassle to connect it to the brook universal fighting board even with headers specially since i do change sticks depending on the need, normally this takes a couple of minutes but not with the Hori. The Magenta is much more user friendly in that aspect, so i think i made my choice!


Well this is a bummer does this Magenta stick ships internationally to Europe? I tried together with other items but won’t let me getting a Paypal error ie “please update zip code, state”. I really want to order from Paradisearcade its unclear to me if they ship internationally i assume they do correct?


The corners are slightly more rounded than a standard JLF, for the better imo, as it feels like it sits in the corner better but also rolls out easy.

The stick makes no sound unless you hit the wall’s edge, which is minor. You don’t even need to hit the wall if you want as you can set the sensors to be really close to center if you want to get that technical and precise. I got the magenta along with silent buttons so my girl can sleep while I play late at night in the other room. Since the switch I have gotten zero complaints about the clicking waking her up. You may have not experienced the fear of turning your head in the dark to see her figure standing there in the doorway at 1am ready to throw that stick out of the window, but it’s real.

The biggest difference I noticed from a standard JLF is it’s stiffer due to the spring, which isn’t the easiest to change out and can lead to a broken magnet or board if something goes wrong. However I recommend keeping the default spring in if you want to make the cardinals very tight to center as the swing back to neutral can give you false directions otherwise you have to hold the stick each time you return to neutral or you have to make the sensors less tight which makes it more like a regular JLF defeating the purpose of this stick in my opinion. (FYI if you want to change the spring and are in EU definitely order a back up magnet just in case). It is also much more responsive and accurate than the JLF. I’ve set my cardinals to be very tight to center and it responds as quick as me on my hitbox cardinals in my opinion and I’ve been consistently able to land certain combos I always had some issues with due to input leniency giving you CA vs DP for example.


Thank you for the reply man!

It seems this Magenta stick is exactly what i need i love the Seimitsu LS-58-01 but its so loud at night when i play with it most of my moves comes out smoothly and dashes are much more easy to do. I do own a Sanwa JLF silent which is a really nice stick when i played Guilty Gear XRD with Potemkin no need for dash since he has Hammerfal break and earthquake to travel distance. However in SF5 dashes becomes problematic sure i can get used to it but i prefer a faster actuation and precise with little movement (just like the LS-58) and i think with the Maganta i can do this or even better.

The default spring in the Magenta how stiff is it 1lbs?, 1.5lbs? Hopefully its comparable to LS-58 stock spring i really do not like very stiff springs tried 2lbs on my JLF and instantly turned back to 1lbs…

But ordering it from USA to Europe gave me issues im currently in contact with Paradisearcadeshop in hopes to get to an solution so i still can order it. And i keep your advise in mind specially with regards of a spare magnet for the stick thank you!


So, doing a little tinkering…