Project Magenta 2017


DUDE. WHAT? YES! I will beta test the heck out of that if needed. Any plans for an octagonal variant?


I am sending you a PM in hopes you can help me with the Magenta stick.


I am from France and I was able to order magenta :wink:


How the hell did you do that?
I’m from the netherlands but have issues ordering it with PayPal it says “no State is given” whenever I get redirected to PayPal. Thing is there is no “state” option on the address field at paradiseararcade when I chose my country The Netherlands.

Did you pay with PayPal or credit-card?


I had the same problem, I went on Facebook via the pm.
Send you him a private message on Facebook, it will work out


Thanks for the reply,

This paypal error message is giving me headache it wasnt this way some time ago! This is what i get:

“There’s a problem with your shipping address.
Please return to the merchant and update your information, including your city, state, and ZIP code.”

I made a Facebook account so do i just send a message to Paradisearcade on Facebook OR some one in particular a name, and still pay with Paypal? thx in advance


Paradise arcade shop
It will offer you the sale via Facebook, in private message


thx man,

Will contact them via Facebook hopefully i can order then finally without issue.