Project Magenta 2017


DUDE. WHAT? YES! I will beta test the heck out of that if needed. Any plans for an octagonal variant?


I am sending you a PM in hopes you can help me with the Magenta stick.


I am from France and I was able to order magenta :wink:


How the hell did you do that?
I’m from the netherlands but have issues ordering it with PayPal it says “no State is given” whenever I get redirected to PayPal. Thing is there is no “state” option on the address field at paradiseararcade when I chose my country The Netherlands.

Did you pay with PayPal or credit-card?


I had the same problem, I went on Facebook via the pm.
Send you him a private message on Facebook, it will work out


Thanks for the reply,

This paypal error message is giving me headache it wasnt this way some time ago! This is what i get:

“There’s a problem with your shipping address.
Please return to the merchant and update your information, including your city, state, and ZIP code.”

I made a Facebook account so do i just send a message to Paradisearcade on Facebook OR some one in particular a name, and still pay with Paypal? thx in advance


Paradise arcade shop
It will offer you the sale via Facebook, in private message


thx man,

Will contact them via Facebook hopefully i can order then finally without issue.


Yes, testing out a few variations of gates to see if they need any optimizing for use with Magenta. :slight_smile:


It is solved now got an Paypal invoice which was offered by paradise customer services but i didn’t knew what that was that’s on me my bad but eventually it all worked out. Also thumps up for the patience and service that paradisearcadeshop had with me.

Can’t wait to try the Magenta!!!


Very Good :wink:


Yes, testing out an octagon gate too!


Very cool!


Would be nice if the octogate was based from the Seimitsu ls-56


There is a lot in the pipeline for Magenta hitting over the next few weeks. While I can’t go into any specifics, I can say there is an updated version of the PC software ready for release as soon as it makes it through QA. :grinning:


I don’t know much about the Seimitsu nor do I have one for testing but a quick search on the Internet appears something may be possible. Hit me up in a week or so and I should have some feedback.


There are no words for how exciting all of this is!!!

I will definitely scoop an octo gate if it’s released!!!

Can you give us any info on the new PC software? We’re you guys able to correct the profile saving problem it has?


Apologies in advance if this has been answered already but is there a 5v source in the TES+? What about an OG VLX? I saw the video about the TE2, not sure about other PCB’s. Thanks, looking forward to the circle gate or k-stick option as well.


Haven’t hear anything from Paradise about an issue with the export. Shoot me a PM and I will see if Paradise has it on their radar.


Someone mentioned a slight difference in the setup parameters while connected to the software vs the result after being flashed.

Armi is aware of it so please disregard my post.

Looking forward to the new software! Is this a big fix or are there some new features? :drooling_face: