Project Magenta 2017


The addition of Japanese language support is probably the most visible change. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey djdigi, I don’t have either of those sticks but if you do find a reference to where the power is located I can probably make a custom power cable for you. Post if you find power and send me a PM if you need a cable made up and I’ll see what connectors I have in stock.


I believe both of them will require tapping into the USB lines.


Happen to know of any good photos of the internal connections on the internet?


Did a video on the Magenta friends. <3 Paradise Arcade you made a hell of a product and experience. Please make a Korean version… Please…


Awesome video brother! Thank you for making this!


Hello all,

I modded my TE2 with the EZ-mod and brook board (everything works tested on pc) where should i put the 5v (the black and red wire that came with the stick) wire into the EZ mod PCB?

I see one potential place on the EZ mod pcb where i could connect the black and red wire into.

  • “to LVT3 or LED board” 3-pin header, situated on the right lower corner connect the 3-pin black and red wire there and then connect the 2-pin black and red wire into the Magenta is this correct? I really don’t want to brick my board doing something stupid. If i use this pin header what would happen with the “leds”?

Lastly what version of “Loctite Blue” should i use to change the spring (a link would be helpful)?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, it goes to the led slot on the ez-mod. Loctite blue is loctite blue. There are not different flavors.


So what’s the update on the magenta octogate tests


Thanks for the reply,

The reason I ask for which version of loctite is, there is a blue 242 and blue 243, 243 is easier to get and cheaper any of these will do? I wish there is a video how to change the spring including all steps. I know how to change it from the information on this thread but a visual aid would be of great help.


In case people are wondering just like me which Loctite to use when changing springs on the Magenta (how to is within the this thread).

Talked to Paradisearcadeshop customer service.

Answer: THEY use “Loctite 242 Blue” on the Magenta however they did told me that “Loctite 243 Blue” may also work but it may need more heating with a hairdryer since 243 is a bit stronger then 242.



Guys, how to get extra 5V from stock razer panthera PCB (without brook EZ mod)?


Deleted Post since it is not needed anymore.


There is zero need for this. All you need to do is unplug the standard USB cable from your PC/console prior to plugging in the USB mini to the magenta.


Wait what??

I was under the impression BEFORE using the software to disconnect the 5v wire then start up the software then press the button then connect the usb.

Wow i then misunderstood this solves the little concern i had thank you for clearing this up i will delete the post above.


Hello. I’m looking for a setting to play 4-way games.
I tried the game bagman and I had trouble controlling the character


Try enabling cardinals and disabling the diagonals then pushing the activation points for up/down/left/right back about 50-80%. That’s how I have the pac games setup.


I tried but I have a problem. To enter programming mode, I have to remove the 5v plug, otherwise my joystick is not recognized. By removing my 5v plug, I lose my configuration.
Do you have an idea of the problem ?


Enter setup mode as discussed and save your settings before unplugging the Magenta. If you are still having issues contact Paradise Support or check out a few of the magenta videos on youtube.


OK, but it is normal to remove the 5v plug before putting the mini usb?
Whenever I enter programming mode, I lose my profile