Project Magenta 2017


That doesn’t sound normal - I leave my Magenta plugged in, inside my stick, don’t change anything at all, ready to go in my stick 100% of the time, never need to open after installing the Magenta.

I just hold the fightstick button I configured for the Magenta’s mode button down as I plug in the Magenta’s USB cable to the computer. In the software make whatever changes I want, and save the new profiles, and disconnect from the PC.

Walk over to my console and plug in the fightstick’s USB cable and use the newly configured profiles.


I agree with @FalconX , it sounds like you’re “doing it wrong”.

The only time you need to remove power from the magenta is to enter setup mode where you hold down the mode button and apply power. After that you run the setup software, make your changes and hit save.

Are you talking about changing modes while you are playing? I.e., With the Magenta powered up you hit the mode button and it switches sequentially between 1-2-3-4 then loops back to 1 again while blinking the blue leds to indicate active mode number?

Honestly, if you’re still having issues try watching a few of the Magenta setup / review youtube videos or contact Paradise Support for assistance.


I kind of had a similar issue but what i did was wrong.

First you need to remove your USB connector from your arcade stick.
Then click on the software Magenta.
Then press the Magenta button on the stick it self.
Then connect the MINI-USB into the Magenta stick (obviously the mini usb must be connected to pc.)
Then change whatever profile you want within the software.
Thats it no need to remove the 5v cable.

If that does not help then contact Paradisearcadeshop.

Hope this helps.


The problem is resolved. My joystick is mounted on an cabinet arcade, I have to remove the 5v and put the mini usb after.
To save the profile, I forgot to press “store” before leaving the software.


Glad it worked out for you :smiley:


Yes very happy :wink:


Good to hear you resolved your issued @Strblast . Tell us more about this arcade cabinet setup of yours. Very intriguing!


I will see for put 2 or 3 photos, it will be more explicit :wink:




Ah, so a mame cab. How are you changing magenta modes when the cabinet is closed or are you? Assuming you are using the magenta 2 / 4 / 8 way option and/or activation deflection settings?

Update: I zoomed in on the pics and it appears you have a siren on the left stick but nothing on the right (Player 2 ?).


Yes, that’s right, for now I put one, on the player 1, the most used.
For the change of profile, I think to connect a button. The wooden panel is too thick to use the magnet. I’m working on it.


The siren has a “proxy” function built into it that will allow you to double the functionality of one of your existing buttons like start or coin-up to also change the magenta mode. In your picture I see you do not have the smaller 3 pin “proxy” connector on the siren board wired up. For instances when you do not or cannot use the magnet, the 3 pin proxy cable is the way to go.

If you push and release the external button the button functions normally, passing the signal through to your fightstick or in this case mame. When you push and hold the external button the signal is routed through the siren board to the magenta and the magenta mode is changed. I highly recommend using this functionality in your arcade cabinet setup!


Just installed a magenta in a TE2 (Xbox one version) and the joystick worked fine using the setup software ,all my movements were captured. I loaded up butteroj’s file clicked store, it did it’s thing. I closed the software, unplugged the mini USB, connected everything within TE2 to magenta (power and TE2 5 pin joystick cable) and fired up SFV on PC. The magenta shows to be powered up and CPU light is blinking also. my buttons work in game but the joystick inputs do not register at all. Tried various games and it didnt work on any of the PC games.

I also tried using it on my PS4 with my brooks Xbox One to PS4 converter and the same issue, buttons work but directional input doesnt. Reconnected my hyabusa stick and directional inputs worked instantly so not sure if my magenta is having issues with the 5 pin connector on it or something else is going on with it. Can anyone assist with some trouble shooting while I wait on response from PAS?


Yes that’s what I wanted to do. Nevertheless, I do not know how to connect to an existing button with this cable


TE2 Xbox One version is not a common ground controller and will not work Magenta or any other common ground solutions. You should really consider upgrading your TE2 with the Brook Universal Fighting Board controller which is common ground.

  • Identify an external button on your cabinet you wish to share functionality This should be an infrequent use button such as start, select, home, menu or coin up (mame). Do not use a game action button like punch/kick/jump/fire/etc.
  • Disconnect the two wires from your selected external button.
  • Locate the 3 wire white/white/orange cable that was included in the siren kit and attach it to CN5 connector on the siren.
  • Attach the siren female white/white wires to the external button you selected. Note that Sanwa and others use these standard 0.110" connectors.

Now you need to connect the orange wire with the male 0.110" connector to one of the two original fightstick/mame wires you removed from your external button. In a common ground system one wire will be ground and the other the signal or high side. The orange wire needs to connect to the signal (high side) of the circuit. If you have a meter you can measure continuity between each of the two original button wires and ground. The signal side will measure as an open and not connected to ground. If you do not have a meter available, you have a 50/50 chance of connecting the orange wire to the correct original button wire. If the orange wire is installed incorrectly it will act as if the button is always pressed or the button will not work correctly. This will not damage anything and you can just move the orange wire to the second of your original wires to correct a reverse connection.

Finally, just some insulating tape around the unused original button wire. This is a ground connection so you don’t want it knocking around inside the fightstick/cabinet. There is no voltage associated with the ground wire but applying tape is best to be safe rater than sorry later.

Hope that helps!


@Strblast - Posted a pic that should help with the siren setup.


How goes the octo and circle gate prototype testing?


Gate prototypes checked out on the hardware. Its back in the hands of Paradise for deciding if they want to run them. I think it’s a function of demand for the product and manufacturing setup costs but not really sure. I can tell you those prototypes were really expensive!