Project Magenta 2017


I’m happy it works very well, Indeed, very simple to set up :wink:


Congrats Strblast !


Prototype: As in so expensive no one is willing to part with one? I’m really trying to get at an octogate.


Ya, the prototypes were expensive. Special materials and a short production run. These are not your basic 3d low resolution printed materials. Contact paradise support and see if they can help you out.


Hi there,

Is there a profile that comes very close to the Seimitsu LS-58-01 for the Magenta? If so can some one post it here. I am playing Street Fighter 5 with Sagat. And Kara uppercut into Critical art is hard depends on the stick though with the Ls-58 it was relative easy to perform yet it made to much sound.

Appreciate the help thx.


if anyone out there has any profiles they wish to share with the community, send me a PM with a link to your configuration file or a screenshot of your setup along with the game and character it is used with. I’ve been working with a several members of the srk community and will publish the full list once compiled!


the shaft on my magenta feels like it’s ‘grinding’ or something when i move it from side to side. is this normal? the stick is supposed to be silent, but when i do that i can hear kind of like a faint ‘sandpaper’ sound.

this makes execution a little hard for me, since it feels like there’s a bit more force to execute things (such as QCF’s)


I’d make GOOD and sure that scraping isn’t the magnet/actuator against the PCB.


I suspect this could be the issue but how do I check and how can I fix it?


This is exactly the issue. Sounds like someone changed their spring and didn’t use loctite on the screw when reassembling.


I changed it and used the loctite. Did I not put enough or did I not apply it to the right area?

From the drawing you provided earlier on, it said to put the loctite on the screw and the screw hole on the shaft (I did both). Was I supposed to put it on the hole and around the shaft? Or was I only supposed to put it on the screw and not the shaft? Sorry for all the questions, I just really would like to use this and figure out the right solution.


Oh yea, always use a liberal amount of loctite on the threads when securing the magnet assembly to the shaft. Better safe than sorry.


I am still looking for magenta game/character profiles that I can share with the community. Thanks to everyone who has PM’d me with their contribution so far but I need a lot more data for the table. If you wish to contribute anonymously I have no problem with omitting attributions.


Last question I asked above: was I correct in applying the loctite to the screw hole as well? Or should I apply the loctite to the bottom of the shaft as well?


Aloha, Timothy from Paradise here. You want to use just enough LocTite Blue 282 to cover the threads. Using more will cause excess threadlocker to surround the brass washer and coat the inside of the actuator, locking both to the shaft making it more difficult to remove than necessary. Even a small amount is going to rise around the screw so you’ll still need to pop the actuator off, but it’s much easier with a small amount than a liberal amount.

Thank you and Mahalo.


thanks guys, the loctite fixed my problem. i had to apply it only to the screw and not the screw + bottom of the shaft like i had initially did

on an unrelated note, i had a problem where when i put the JLF microswitch on the gate, the gate did not have a snug fit and would easily just lift off without a whole lot of force. what i did was sand down the plastic on the JLF switches (it had words and numbers on it, which i guess raised the plastic ever so slightly) and that did that trick. posting just in case someone else has the same problem i had. cheers!


Good to see you got it fixed. Sanding the text on the sanwa switches was covered last summer. Seems to be working for everyone who has tried it. The sanwa switches vary in thickness between switches so it’s luck of the draw if you get a thick or thin switch from sanwa.


So I assembled everything, now I am running into the same problem here, with the sensitivity being low. The screw got stripped from me taking it on and off to fix it so I think I’m kinda screwed from taking it off anymore…any suggestion to fix or should I just try to return to PAS? I wish these came pre-installed with the stock spring :unamused:

Tried calibrating it and it did nothing.


Sounds like you installed the magnet upside down. You can either remove the screw and flip the magnet over and/or contact paradise support and see if they can help you out. Always a good idea to mark the magnet and washer with a permanent marker or paint before disassembly so you know how things go back together.


Thanks. Any suggestion for the stripped screw?