Project Magenta 2017


I need some help or suggestions , recently wanting replace the ball top and added a shaft cover to my magenta , when ever I try loose the ball top with bottom screw , the top wont come off just the botton screw are lose. Help please


@GTFOH Remove the gate with the Magenta secured to it, take the screw off, remove the actuator and spring, get a piece of rubber to grip the shaft with and then twist the ball top off.



You can cut a slot into the head of the screw to allow usage of a flat head screwdriver. You can do this with a Dremmel, a file, or a thin hack saw but Dremmel is by far the easiest. You can contact if you need to purchase a new screw, it’s $4 and that includes shipping.



If you are ordering new screws I would suggest a new magnet too just in case you damaged yours during extraction. Paradise should (?) also be marking the magnets as to which side faces the pcb too. I am sure they could mark things for you if requested when ordering screws and magnets.

Oh hell, why not order a couple of screws and magnets just in case you want to swap things around again and keep some low cost spares on hand!


Thank you, Tim for the quick reply , I will give it a try when I get home tonight , pray I don’t break anything . :joy::joy::joy:


New magenta beta pcbs are in! A few of these will be going out soon to those who signed on to test random features including initial Korean stick support.



Aloha, I’m taking care of your support ticket so let’s keep product support over there please :slight_smile:

Thank you and Mahalo.


sorry and no problem!

i deleted the posts…sorry again, they all were done out of frustration cause i really wanna use my magenta.


Is there a video on how to swap springs on this stick? I’m interested in purchasing one but would like to try out different spring strengths. Sounds like it’s quite difficult to do and also likely to mess the whole stick up if you make a mistake.



No, not at the moment. If I have some time next week I can try to make a how to guide for it. It’s really not that bad, you just have to make sure you have the allen wrench fully inserted before trying to turn the screw.


Thank you @PAS.Timothy. Looking forward to it. I’m really looking for something that feels like a P360 and I imagine tweaking with springs, tops and the calibration software will be required to really dial the Magenta in to what I’m looking for.



I’ve never used a real P360 so I don’t know how it compares and wouldn’t know what type of setup to recommend for it. Unfortunately they’re very rare and expensive, and the new ones are trash by all accounts I’ve seen.


If you want to clone a P360 and have better back to neutral response you can do a few things.

Get an Otto v2 kit and mod your JLF with it using the 60a grommet.
Get a Butteroj Spring Delete to remove the grommet wear with a heavy spring.
Set up your Magenta Profile with some deeper corners so your SRKs/DPs come out without riding the gate.
When the circle gate comes out, replace your square gate and tune your settings to get your Diagonals set to your liking.

Using a square gate feels weird on this, and I cannot wait to have a circle gate in my hands. It will change the way the Magenta feels and responds a little with shallower corners, but if your sensor is tuned right you can mimic the P360 with a much more sensitive and tuned approach compared to the optical.


Aloha everyone :slight_smile:

With regards to stripped screw heads: Removing is an easy fix. Use a Dremmel and a cutting disc. Cut a slot into the center just as if it was a slot for a flat head screwdriver. You don’t have to worry about damaging the actuator even though it looks like you’ll cut it. The screw is high enough and deep enough that you won’t ever need to go near the actuator. Take care not to cut through the head and into the magnet.

If you need a new screw, please message me at and I can process an order for a replacement for you. All Magenta since August have been shipped with an extra screw and magnet so this really shouldn’t be an issue, but the option is there if you need it.


Hey there, I know I am not the first to ask regarding the possibility of using the magenta as an actual analog input device, and I have seen that there has beed a prototype of a pcb with potetiometer outputs.
I am currently using a microcontroller(Teensy) in place of a pcb in my controller, and I am wondering is if it would be possible to connect the usb output to pins on the microcontroller and have it then interperit the data to then act as an analog input device. Does that make sense…



Right now it isn’t possible to do that.



i got and installed my magenta today after the repair and i have to say, thank you SO SO much. it feels fantastic and feels just like a JLF feels with none of the shortcomings. it will definitely be my lever of choice from now on. anyone on the fence about buying a magenta, just do yourself a favor and buy it. excellent product and excellent customer service on tim’s behalf.



Thank you very much and I’m glad you’re enjoying your Magenta! Again if you have any problems feel free to contact me via support or just call the shop. I’m always happy to help!