Project Magenta 2017


Hey guys, recently got a magenta. Im changing to a 2lb JLF spring that I got from Paradise a long time ago, is that safe/ok to use on the Magenta? Thanks :slight_smile:


Can you link me a good Zangief profile? :slight_smile: I’m tinkering around but curious if someone has already messed around with it.



Magenta already comes with a 2 lb spring. We include a stock JLF (about 1 lb) and a 3 lb spring. They’re all safe to use on Magenta.

For a Zangief profile you probably want to make diagonals a little easier to hit. On the default profile, you’ll have a global deadzone slider and next to it, a diagonal slider. Default is -6 I believe, so tweak it to around -4 and see how that feels. In advance profile mode, you can further tweak the diagonals by lessening their deadzones. So I would do that as well, just a little and see how it feels during play. I would also increase the deadzone for the up direction a little.

Things you have to watch out for when increasing the diagonals: Accidental forward/backward jumps while dashing forward or backwards. You have to be a little more precise when increasing them for this reason, but -4 should still be ok. -3 and lower you woull definitely have to be more focused.

The reason you want to increase the range of and width of diagonals is so that you’re more likely to hit them when doing a 360 motion. For a 360, the game only cares that you hit the 4 directions within a certain span of time. Easiest is to start on down forward, slide to down back, and slide to up back. It’s an easy 3 movement that hits forward, down, back, and up without having to do a full 360. With increased diagonal width, you don’t need to go to the absolutes to hit these directions and can pull off a 360 faster.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


PAS Magenta Circle Gate


Will you be making octogates as well sir?


Looks really nice and I like the color too!

Have you done much testing with the new gate and how does it feel? I realize these are somewhat subjective questions but inquiring gamers wish to know!


of course it has been tested. This is about the 20th iteration of the gate. Circle diameter and taper from top to bottom has been tweaked extensively to provide the perfect feel and best actuator wear.


No plans at the moment but if enough want is there it can be done. I personally have never used octo.


Regarding grease, just put silicone grease on the pivot like a standard jlf?



Yes, exactly the same way.


Was that compilation of MAGENTA configs ever released?



Not yet. There is never enough time in the day to work on everything :frowning:

Was there a particular profile you’re looking for? Perhaps I can help steer you on the right path in the meantime?


Does magenta work on legacy consoles through the brook retro board?


Yes, it works


Magenta will work on any common ground PCB with a 5V power supply. I’ve been able to drop the power to about 3.3V using a controlled power source so it could probably work on a PS2 setup, but that hasn’t been tested yet.



Nope, I think I received a total of 3 responses which was no where near enough to build a database. What saw looks solid but only covers a couple of characters across two games. I am still accepting submissions so if anyone out there has something to add send me a PM and we can work out the logistics.

I have some really good ideas on how to share this data but I suspect a lot of players either do not trust their judgment or are not sharing because the setup works well for them and they do not want to help the competition.


Well that sucks.

How about a more in depth guide for MAGENTA noobs like myself?

Things to adjust if DP motions are annoying (I drop lightning loops with Zero waaaay too much, but can DP normally easily…?)

Stuff for grapplers/charge/motion based

Tekken - KOF - Mahvel

Has anyone done this?

If I can’t get over this hurdle, stick may not be optimal for me and it’s time to try a hitbox. I realize there’s a learning curve, but pinpoint execution is too important. I gravitate towards high execution characters every rip.

Edit: it’s tapping up between DP motions that messes me over. It’s the same thing with Magneto’s sj hyper grab loops. I can either grind until I nail it or add a jump button, Full Schedule style. :thinking:



Post up the profile you’re currently using and let’s see if we can help you tweak it. I tend to use the same profile for charge and motion characters in SF. I don’t really play too many other games but the same profile seems to work for things like CvS2. I don’t find myself using different profiles for different characters, either.

I would make a different profile for shmups though.