Project Phoenix Needs Your Help

Hey Forum,

I’ve decided to undertake a project that I have dreamt about for a while.

I want to turn this:

Into this:

I am a noobie to both tech and custom sticks. I have recruited an engineering student who has done some modding to assist me in this endeavor. But I would love to get all of your input and advice throughout the process. I have spent a few hours looking at some of the threads and custom sticks you guys have posted, and I’m super impressed. I promise to post pics and updates as I progress. I dubbed this little endeavor “Project Phoenix” for fun because like a rising phoenix I can return this xbox 360 that has been sitting in my closet into something useful.

Where I stand so far:

Of the little that I know this is what I’m thinking.

  • I want to use Japanese parts, I’ve been using a Mad Catz TE stick, so I would like to emulate that feel/operation. I understand that the TE uses Sanwa parts, so I’m OK with using that.

  • I would prefer to use an orange/black/green color scheme to match with the existing colors of the console. I definitely want to use (at least some) translucent orange buttons that I can illuminate with LEDs, and a clear orange bubble top on top of the joystick.

  • I want to stick with square gate since that is want I’m used to.

I’m at a really early stage here, but I want to start shopping and ordering pieces in about a month or so, once I’ve gathered enough research and capital to get started.

What resources should I be looking at, and reading up on?
Where do you guys buy your parts?
What controller should I be buying to pad hack (hopefully I didn’t screw that up)? What are the pros/cons or challenges of a wired vs. wireless build?

Go wired you can use a madcatz PCB because padhacking stock controllers is a pain in the ass.
Lizard lick for parts
There is a thread about buttons that light up on activation

Just use the forum search for anything you need, there are hundreds of worklogs here

I’m waiting for the day when someone makes a stick out of a colecovision system.

Check out the sticky thread on the tech talk forum:

Sticky: Intro, Rules, Tutorials & Info (Read Before Posting!)

That is the cup of knowledge where you can drink all that is tech talk. Hope you are thirsty.

Don’t temp me gum… I have a coleco sitting in my basement that doesn’t work.

:smiley: please do as I have a fully functioning coleco system.

There was a worklog posted recently that fits your exact needs.

Can you link me to it?

that was the link Click above

I must obey my thirst.

Speaking of thirst, with that color on the console, I’m thinking some Sprite decals might actually work.

haha, whoops, I’m retarded.

Jeez, I feel like I’m taking a short course in electrical engineering! LOL. I have a lot of respect for you guys for knowing this stuff inside and out. Still making my way through all the homework assignments you guys gave me.