PROJECT STORM 2 full results, Daytona Beach FL, 8/15/09

1st - Hotnix (Nu)
2nd - Jordan Berry (Nu)
3rd - Alex Tsakanikas/Senkei33 (Arakune)
4th - John Martin/Cassanova (Ragna)

1st - Jason S. (Santhrax)
2nd - Trent/GimmeThemShoes (BH/Cable/Cyclops)
3rd - Richard Jones/Lumbro (MSP)
5th - Jerry R

Street Fighter 4:
1st - Trent Van Deven/GimmeThemShoes (Rufus, Zangief, Blanka, Ryu, Balrog)
2nd - Peter Ong (Dhalsim)
3rd - Torrin Fields/Shusty (Sagat, Balrog, Ryu)
4th - John Martin/Cassanova (Viper, Rufus)
5th - Leland Miller (Zangief)

HD Remix:
1st - Trent/GimmeThemShoes (Zangief, Blanka)
2nd - Leland Miller (Honda)
3rd - Antzer (Dictator)
4th - Torrin Fields/Shusty (Deejay)
5th - Richard Jones/Lumbro (Ken)

1st - John Martin/Cassanova

Smash Results later

This tournament was a lot of fun, major props to Tyger for running everything, see you all next time.

shoutouts to tyger for holding the event and trying to sell his t-shirts. Also, good shit to trent for those hdr blanka shenanigans, as well as winning sf4

Good tournament Tyger. The first one that I been too. It was a good turn out. I wish you had it more organized with the brackets and the matches but other than that it was pretty good. Next time I’ll remember to bring my own controller. I did decent for my first tournament, I was the only one playing as Chun. I didn’t really get any ones name, but I still want to play that Dahlsim and the guy they say is the best player in Florida. If either you guys are on here, hit me up on xbox live. I hope to play in other tournaments you have.

How many people entered SF4 and MvC2…
Wish i coulda been there but had a family emergency.

shoulda won marvel trent!


Damn, those HDR players at Storm 2 are so lucky I didn’t show up!!! I didn’t think there were be a turn out for HDR with all the newer fighting games out.

a real shame man. It would have been nice if you came to the tourney to pad that pot for me (says the random 3rd placer)

Yeah, would have showed up had I known this game was on the line up! All other websites especially never mentioned this game but listed a bunch of other fighting games.

Anyways, I’m holding it down in HDR for the NE (cuz i don’t know anybody else who lives near me who seriously plays this game) so feel free to send XBL invites. If there’s another upcoming FL tourney that will showcase this game, then I’m down.

it woulda been free for u

Thanks man! Too bad it’s all hind sight now! Shoulda, coulda, woulda…:sad:
Next time tho…