Project: STORM Gaming Tournament Feb. 20 - Feb. 22


Project: STORM

Speed Park Motorsports
201 Fentress Blvd
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Date: Feb. 20-22

Games featured:
ST/HD Remix
Third Strike
KoF 98 Ultimate Match
Tekken 5 DR (Or 6 if available)
Smash Bros. Brawl

DDR Supernova 2
In The Groove 2
DDR Extreme (Maybe)

Initial D Ver. 3

FPS: (This division is tentative)
Halo 3
Maybe others

We will also be holding charity tournaments different from the main ones to raise money for Child’s Play.

We will have discounted entry fees if you are entering multiple tournaments. Details will be posted when all info is solid.

Tournaments will be double elimination.

No game breaking glitches etc. You guys should know the drill by now. Keep it clean.

All fighting game tournaments should be held on Saturday the 21st. If any changes occur we will post here before the tournament.

More info to come. Keep checking back for updates.

Also, we need help with consoles and tv setups. Tv’s probably won’t be to much trouble, however we don’t have that many consoles on our own. So if anyone attending would like to help out by brigning consoles or tv’s please post here to let me know. I’d like to have at least 2 setups for each game. Let me know.

Prizes and other info will be posted as we have the information.

Please post here and show your support for the Southeast by attending this. We are attempting to make this the premiere tournament in Florida.

Also, please post if you are interested in attending any of the non fighting game tournaments. I know this tread is on SRK, but I’m sure you guys play more then just fighters. Let me know!

Thank you.


I live in Tallahassee, FL but if you ever need any help getting things together or maybe a mod for the tourney let me know. Also if i come im gonna bring my good consoles ps3/ps2.


Excellent, thanks for the help. I’m from Tally, born and raised. I know most of the old crew. Mike, Andy, Ed, Steve, Logan etc. I should be making a trip back over there before this event to visit, so I’m sure I’ll see you then.


The Priest!!! I’ll get down for this. Keep us posted as it gets closer. I can bring a crew as usual. Holla!


I’ll keep everyone posted on this. I knew you guys would down considering you have enough time to plan for it. When I make my trip back over the to visit I’ll let you guys know. I wanna see you all of you and catch up on the years I’ve been away.


How’s the prize money gonna be handled?


Not sure yet. I’m not in charge of that department so I have to wait on word from the head of this event to know how this will be handled. As soon as I know I’ll post up the info.


Sooooo is this tourney in 2009???




so brando

u live in jax or daytona?



Haha! I’m in Jax. Back working for Tilt again. (I need to get there soon!



Just to let you know, we haven’t forgotten about this.


So Have the makers of this thread as well…Apparently

You might wanna thaink about changing the thread name to mention FL, in it that way people from here will look at it


23 ya and


Sweet …Jesus O_o, theres a fighting game scene in Daytona? And here I’ve had to go all the way to Orlando to game hard. Where are you ppl O[]o?! Hit me up some time or something, but since its in my college town, i know ill be there.


this thing still gona happen?


I would still think so he has until next year to get ready, and i cant wait. You going to this GMike?


Is this thing still going to happen?