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Project sweat is a 2D ARPG to be released on Windows, Mac & Linux. The game aims to perfectly blend an addictive, challenging & fast pace combat system in a seamless multi-layered environment, with every single piece of content in the game being sprites. We’re giving you 3 truly unique characters to play with in this beautiful world, and when we say unique, we mean it, each character will have its own play style, reminiscent of different game titles and genres.

original topic question

[details=Spoiler]Ok, it’s not a huge thing, but when making my ‘dream game’ I can’t thank everyone/everything which influenced decisions enough, but one way I thoguht of doing so is to pay tribute to things that have affected my life so far. One of the things (and the reason I got into fighting games) is the infamous video of Daigo Vs Justin at evo '04. as a tribute to that particular event, the game will have an achievement like feature, where if you say defeat a miniboss with 1hp, you unlock an item etc and the achievement title ‘Lets Go Justin!’

It may not be amazing or special, but it’s a way for me to thank/acknowledge/nod to the event. The Fighting game community / SRK is another, though I didn’t participate in much/any discussions on the srk forum, I’m finding myself on the site almost everyday, The messages and conversations I have through people after a Match on SSF4:AE, people like ladnopokaa, packz93, Zukuu - was happy I got a chance to message them after a few fights to thank them for combo videos etc, I remember Zukuu kept picking random and we had a short convo after that allowing me to thank him and tell him I learnt most of my cody play from his posts on SRK =D.

So if my tribute to SF3 was simply unlock ‘lets go justin!’ achievement, what could I do to pay tribute to SRK/FGC?
I want to represent the FGC & SRK in some way but can’t think of the best way & was wandering if anyone here has any suggestions =] [/details]

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Will the sauna and open air baths be mixed gender? Will it be uncensored?
Will there be any underaged characters? How big a role will harvesting the sweat from her well toned abdominals be?


Open Air baths = Yes
Uncensored = nothing to censor lol
characters age = will vary depending on backers
harvesting sweat from ‘her’ well toned abs = depends on backers if they want to create a creature with such an act =P


Asymmetrical already lends its own nods to Street Fighter EX and KOF:Maximum Impact series. Though 3D of course and not sprites.

Shirtless buff samurais, Samurai Shodown series: Genjuro.


Maybe but they were not done/designed with the whole tributes in mind. Also I wouldn’t count SF EX or KOF, there’s almost no reason why 3d models would have to be symmetrical other than to match the concept, they don’t increase workload in animating a design that’s asymmetrical.

I’ve had a few suggestions such as;

  • “turn popular faces into NPC, see what Mike Ross, Gootecks, Kiets etc would look like in there…”
  • "make use of popular lines & terms such as the ‘family man’ line, ‘salty’ term, curleh mustache etc etc
  • “ask/work with the mods of SRK”
  • “maybe collab with Kineda to work something out”

If there are better ideas, that’d be great. I just got a few great ones from a forum that focuses on Mugen such as finding a way to put kung fu man in the game…loved the idea instantly.


Your game sounds awesome but if you really want to include tributes to SRK you should include:

-Dragon punches and fireballs as actual moves similar to how they were in the Mega Man games
-Sagat’s twin brother who is a blind ophthalmologist as the last board boss
-Player character rage quitting current stage when he/she is about to die
-A pitch black stage titled: Dieminion’s domain
-Madden skill tree: Has countless upgrades all of which only give the illusion of choice and progress
-Real money auction house like D3 except everything costs $8.95
-Day 1 DLC which makes the game go past the title screen
-A quest that requires the player to sexually harass, creep out, and ultimately get rejected by a female NPC


Just making a great game is the best way to pay “tribute”, if you will.


How about a recurring NPC that says “my life is an RPG I’m here to help,” and he does nothing but give you bad information, shit you already know, and the text with which he speaks is poorly written and full of typos.



I can’t thank you enough, most are hilarious, but at the same time interesting. The rage quitting idea is especially interesting though i’ll have to find a more suitable way to utilize it - thanks for these ideas =]

Making a great game is fine but I don’t see how it will have any to do with the FGC/SRK if I don’t go out of my way to try involve others; and orochizoolander has given me a great list so far =]


No, don’t add that shit because no one really cares about ironic crap like that except for autistic idiots that won’t even support the game. Like dude said, you wanna pay tribute then make the best game YOU FEEL YOU can make period. If anything, make it so this is the kind of game were we have to end up using all kinds of techniques from past games just to fucking survive lol. Also get Desk to playtest that ish lol.


First off, very very nice animation, main character looks kinda generic but I don’t care much if it moves like that.

I feel like this game would be way more fun if you just got abilities that weren’t necessarily stronger, I think Bayonetta just kept giving you different weapons none of which were necessarily better.

RPG elements just feel like a way to make the game easier, more casual and give it cheap replay value that basically equates to “grind a lot to beat the next guy”.


If you want to add tribute to SRK just make it something small, and barely noticeable unless you look for it.


Yea man, just make an amazing game, that’s the best kind of tribute.


All female characters will need to take damage while walking up, walking down or approaching stairs. It wouldn’t be a complete tribute to SRK without this law of physics.


This looks sick, will definitely play when it comes out.


Woah, A big thanks everyone for the comments and the support/likes on FB - it all means a lot to me.

For Angelpalm & everyone who also think it’s best to just make the best game I can make, thank you - I personally don’t see any harm in possibly adding little touches like this, it also won’t have any effect on the overall game if any at all. Much like the ‘lets go justin’ achievement (described in the OP), you see it for a few seconds and it’s gone but i’m happy I got to refer to the event whilst making the game somewhat more personal. I thought it’d be nice to involve the FGC, better to ask and be told to not include anything than to have not asked at all.

I never played beyond the demo of Bayonetta but from what I gather it is much like ninja gaiden:black (not 2 or 3) & that is a major influence for this game also, when describing the game in a nutshell, I say it’s ninja gaiden on a 2d plane, so it’ll definately be more about skill than stats. Hopefully I can show that to ya when we reach the BETA stage =]


Thanks I’m glad you like the ideas and it would be cool to see some of them but I was just joking mostly =P.

Also I see you describe it as a 2D Ninja Gaiden…that game was already made however as a platformer/beat’emup not an ARPG. it’s called Shinobi for 3DS watch game play footage it’s very reflex and skill based and one of the best games I’ve ever played. I hope it gives you some inspiration the combat system is perfect and what most people imagine when you say 2D NG.


I know =]

Ah, As I haven’t played the game I can’t say that’s what I’m after. After watching some videos, the game looks amazing, but I would say the game leans more towards the platformer aspect where as I plan to focus on combat (Dust : Elysian tail?)

Setting ninja gaiden:Blacks difficulty to master ninja is what I’m after, enemies will not spawn at the same spot of any stages, act the same/be predictable. There will be a % of them choosing to dodge when you’re starting up any attacks for example, or dash in to strike at your back whilst you are facing an enemy in the opposite direction.
( example of combat from NG:B)
put that fight on a 2D plane spread on multiple layers and I don’t think shinobi would be the result, I may be wrong as I haven’t played through the game - just watched a few videos.


You should put in tributes you yoursefl like, not ones people recommend to you, hence the “Make the best game possible” comments.