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Wait so this is a 2d game with no platforming?


Oh it has platforming, but the main focus will be the combat (like Dust:Elysian Tail)


Oh I loved Dust. Excited.


Dust is a cool game. Just wondering, what are the movement options like? Is there a game feel you are aiming for?


The sprite animation looks promising and I like the gambling aspect of items/exp. Gives the game a rogue-like feel to me. I’ll be looking out for the kickstarter.


thanks for the support =]

Ninja gaiden on a 2d plane really does best describe the feel perfectly for the movements we’re after, fluid, fast and responsive. Although some of it is also being influenced by SF3; for example, we prefer makotos dash from 3rd strike over Ryu hayabusa’s dash in NG.

I’ll most likely be able to update the first post with more content soon, images and info, as our kickstarter will probably launch in a week or so. =], for those who want to support us further, help out and see more, please like our FB page (


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