Project X

Just went out and saw this last night, and was just wondering what everyone else thought of it?

Honestly, I was expecting more considering the credentials of the producers, writers and director (The Hangover, Old School and Superbad). The movie pretty much lacked any storyline, but I still ended up having an awesome time. I went with my girlfriend and a small group of friends and the movie is basically watching the best party of all time take place, which made it fun to see with a group.

It’s not the kind of film I’d go to alone or with one other person but if you make a party out of it it’s great.

It didn’t have the kind of gut busting humor that the aforementioned movies had, but I couldn’t stop smiling the whole way through and there were definitely enough good laughs/snickers in there to be worth the price of admission.

Troll thread.

Anybody with half a mind would have known that this movie would be the cloverfield of comides. Fucking garbage.

I found this out a couple days ago.The fat kid who was constant abuse of fat jokes throughout the movie was on an episode of Bang Bus. He was 19 when he did a foursome with Ashli Orion, Pheonix Marie, and Jennifer Dark.

the fat kid was the one in that? WOW…I had read about one of them being in something…didn’t know it was him.

Anyways, fuck the critics I loved the movie. I HATE camcorder movies - like Chronicle was POS to me simply because pof the camera work and the focus on it…here they used it, but not all the time, often times switching to a normal ‘mode’. The movie was a about partying…and thats what it was…it was a big fucking party. I didn’t expect anything storyline wise. You see Avatar for the effects. When you go see Kevin HArt’s “Laugh at my pain” you go to hear jokes. I went to this to see party and it excelled at that. Shit made me want to party B.

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The movie was good. Surprisingly good.

Fixed. Haven’t seen it but yeah I’m pretty sure this film caters to the lowest common denominator and is a shining example of one of the big problems facing people today.

Edit: I loved Oldschool.