Projected EVO 2009 game lineup?


I plan on participating in my first ever Evolution tournament next year. Unfortunately, I have no idea what games are used year-to-year. Some people are saying certain games are going to be slashed for sure; others say that they are definitely a part of the game ineup. I also heard that Evo sticks to just 6 games a year. Is this true? If so why the heck is Brawl on this list? Anyway, I just need to know the projected 2009 game lineup so I can at least prepare myself. When does Evo put out an official listing? Can anyone out there give me some insight?


These are the games I hope they feature

SF II HD remix (this is a must)

SF III (still has a strong following)

SFA3 (why not bring this back? Alpha is still huge)

MVC2 HD remix (PS3) (this speaks for itself)

CVS 2 (This should be a main stay)

GGX (debatable. It has a bigger following in Asia)

SCIV (debatable. Tekken is the premiere 3D fighting game, though some would argue that SC is more fun)

Tek6 (Premiere 3D fighter)

Cut out Brawl

And dont bother with VF5


I think you posted this in the wrong forum section and Brawl brings in players.

Try here:


Not only is this the wrong section but there is no way in hell your list is even close to the real list. 08 and 09 is filled with fighting games and as much as we love mvc2, cvs2 and sf III it going to be real hard for those three to stay in a 6 game lineup. SFA3 has 0 chance it hasn’t been on the list for quite a while and with a new waves of game coming out you think it even has a remote chance of getting back in?

The 6 most logical ones are probably

SF4 (replace SFIII)
TVC (replace MVC2)
SSBB (it brings in #s)
Tekken 6 (replace DR)
SF HD (replace ST)

and either BB (replace GG) or SC4.


I see SF4 replacing CvS2 if anything

and I don’t think Marvel is getting dropped for a new game. but who knows after brawl

Also did GG even have a spot last year? I don’t see how something can replace it if it didn’t


It has nothing to do with the who has the spot the previous what I mean replace is the community. It will be the new game for that particular community. If anything they are going to go with the games that bring in the most players. So when a game replace a previous game it can A) gain new players B) carry the players from the previous game over to the new game.


T6 isn’t gonna be there.



I never said that this iss the real list. I merely stated that these are the games I would personally like to see at the event. If you read the post carefully you will realize that I’m actually asking what games are going to be featured at next years event.


Well as long as we’re talkin hypotheticals…the only new games would likely be TvC and SF4 since everything else is likely to still be arcade only.


GMasta: Who are you and why do you think you’re allowed to have an opinion on SRK?



Those seem likely as they have console releases, Blazblue I don’t think will have a console release though, T6 is about to have a new version come out which makes it more troubling and the game is still going to be import only at the moment which makes it harder to consider. SC4 maybe? Maybe even DOA even though it’s not really a priority fighter, it’s in the media spotlight at other less fighting game focused american tournament events. TvC I doubt we’ll get, but who knows.

I’d hate to be the organizers next year, it’s going to be really hard to choose what the 6 games are going to be with all the possibilities.


Uhhh, Saotome, sweep that sand away, I think you missed something.


Let’s see.

2008 Evo Games

3rd Strike
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Capcom vs SNK 2

According to a Justin Wong interview, part of the reason Evolution didn’t have sponsorships was because no new games were out. Since a bunch of fighting games are coming out within the next year, that could change, giving the Evo folks more money (& resources) to hold more games (maybe).

2009 Evo Games

Street Fighter 4
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix

Those are the definites (unless Street Fighter 4 is horrible by some cosmic occurrence). If Marvel vs Capcom 2 is ported to XBLA/PSN, then chances are that it will remain on the list. Tekken 6 won’t hit consoles until Fall 2009, so there’s a small possibility that Dark Resurrection won’t return to the lineup if its popularity wanes by 2009. If DR does stay, then it’ll either be 3rd Strike or CvS2 that gets the axe, and I would assume that CvS2 would be the one that gets cut.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom? Depends on how easy it is to get the game. If it’s only available for import Wii, then I don’t see it added to the official lineup (but expect TvC side-tournaments).

Blazblue - Maybe. There was a reason why Guilty Gear was removed from the lineup, but if the Blazblue crowd is different from the GG crowd, then this title could be added (and would probably bump off DR if there was a limit on the Evo tournament games).

Soul Calibur 4 - Not sure. I don’t think people will still be playing this in 2009, but I could be wrong.

KOF '98 Ultimate Match - Perhaps the release on XBLA will increase its popularity in time for Evo 2009, but this is a longshot bet.

KOF XII - A rebirth of the KOF franchise thanks in part to the new graphics, which could bring in a lot of new players if the system turns out great. However, it probably won’t be released domestically in time for Evo 2009, so I’m guessing ‘no’ on this one.


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tekken 6 will not be at evo, since t6 was cancelled and are working on BR instead, and wont be out til fall.

tvc, sf4, and hd remix, are guaranteed. thats half the game slots already. DR should atleast be replaced by sc4, atleast for this year, since dr is hella dead, and keeps things fresh. Or just replace DR with ggxx.

Smash, whether its brawl or melee, or items on or off, will be there in some form. MVC2 might be possible to have due to the re-release on current gen consoles. but at the same time, tvc would be there, so mvc2 is hella up in the air. cvs2 is definitely not coming back. 3s got stale as shit, nothing new there at all. definitely gone, even if its the biggest game.


sc4 or DR

replace ggxx with blazblue if theres a console release i ntime(which i doubt), replace DR with kof12 if there is a console release(doubtful)


I doubt its going to be. But then I also doubt AC isn’t going to make it for 2k9.

Edit: TvC for real? An import Wii-only title is likely to make it in?


why not? ggxx was always import every year and it made it in


Im both crushed and happy by that, stop playing with my emotions. No CvS2 :frowning: No 3S :slight_smile: 3S is too damn wack at high lvl play.


time for us to move on, my good sir =)


MK vs DC!


Whoa. Calm down there buddy, lets see how it turns out, and the way MK games turn out…yeeeeah, Im sure it wont happen.


Capn Spanky–

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