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Hello everyone!

I’m Valbjorn and I build custom arcade sticks for Project GiantSword. You might have seen us post up sticks in the “Check out my new arcade stick!” thread or have seen our trading post thread.

Recently we’ve been mentioned on Levelupyourgame.com by Clockw0rk, and also in a G4TV.com special where Clock talks with Ernie from G4 about his custom stick.

I’m starting this thread to introduce our new website designed by Montoia, my partner and designer in Project GiantSword. We have a passion for building sticks and take great pride in our work. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us through here or our website contact. I’ll update any website changes and case innovations through here for all who are interested.

what do we specialize in?
We build a unique modular case that can be customized with the customers choice of hardware, paint color, and artwork to fit their play style. We feel our case design and artwork sets us apart and will make anyone who has one of our sticks really stand out.

Montoia designs custom artwork for our cases as well as independently for anyone who is interested in great design for their current stick.


Here are some examples of our work, but if you want to see more check our our Flickr site. - Project GiantSword Flickr

A note to this picture, I’ve changed the internal case structure to support all four rubber feet on the corners of the case now.



Montoia also makes shirts :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking us out guys, please let us know what you think of the new website and our arcade sticks!


Project GiantSword - Facebook

Project GiantSword - Flickr

Project GiantSword - Youtube (definately check this out if you are interested in the case form and want to see it full circle)

Still a fanboy! In lovelovelove with your bottom panel design. Really adds a whole 'nother level to the case presentation than just some plexi screwed into the bottom :smiley:

Thanks jack! I still brainstorming on how to improve everything. I just recently changed the inside legs (the blocks that hold up the top panel and what the bottom plexi gets screwed on to). They are now gone and I’ve put a separate frame inside the walls to support everything up. This adds a lot more weight to the case as well as support to every inch, it really feels nice and solid.

Looking good! Kind of funny how perceptions change. I used to be totally turned off by the idea of thick, internal rails, but after a few projects I’ve come to appreciate the structural and weight benefits.

It’s a tradeoff to be sure. You have added stability, but less room for your electronics, depending on how complex you want to make it. Still digging the design either way

Thanks Spenzalii :slight_smile: Still plenty of room for all the components as of now, and if I need more room I’ll be able to route out small compartments for whatever I need, LED lights etc.

@ Jack - The inside frame is hidden behind the back window shroud, that’s the beauty of it! So that back window your in love with is actually hiding that big thick support system.

Thanks for the compliments guys!

Sticks are so aesthetically pleasing but so expensive. Maybe if I could drop 300$ even I’d pick one up =c

Having to put 150 into a new tire today really sucked…

I just had to replace my 2 back tires as well ><… Money is tight nowadays but you get what you pay for, any stick builder will attest to that. I put a whole lot of man hours into these sticks and it wouldn’t be worth my time to sell them for less. Honestly, it wouldn’t be worth buying if you had to settle for lesser quality for a lower price. There are also options to get a ROGUE DIY package if your interested in a cheaper price for the same quality case. Your just looking at installing your own hardware and PCB, and with the new PCB boards out there now there is no soldering involved so its a lot easier on people who are looking to get into a project like this :slight_smile:

If you need any help with guides or anything let me know I can point you in the right direction on the forums.

Yeah you know I thought about it.

I’m pretty comfortable with soldering and what not anyways, I did see your DYI kit which is very attractive since actually making a solid and attractive casing and the like were my main problems.

Whats great about the ROGUE - DIY package is not a lot of people have access to all the tools you need to make a quality case, so it gives them the chance. Once the case is built and painted the rest can be done in a living room with minimal tools. Depending on the PCB board you get, you might only need a phillips head screwdriver and some wire strippers.

I would recommend getting a PS360 PCB. Its only $45, and there is no soldering involved for dual-mod.

Keep me posted!

More importantly…

??? ?? ???



The electronics room issue isn’t that big with wider sticks though.
I still love your case design~

Would you do custom art on a Rogue DIY kit? :stuck_out_tongue: Just looking at this thread makes me want to do a white/red button kyubey stick, Haha :smiley:

Of course we can. There is a separate option to add on custom artwork onto the Rogue package in the store. Let me know if you have any questions.

I hope you do red/white haha, its my favorite color combination on a joystick. It just looks so crispy and stands out like crazy ( ’ ')

Forgot to show some love they doamazing work. I highly reccomend them.

P.S. I demand a picture of my stick on the front page lol

So are you doing some of your cases in mdf, now? The grain on the poplar I’ve been getting from Lowe’s lately has been almost universally NIGHTMARISH for chamfering.

wow that “Clockw0rk” stick is hot @__@

keep us posted on your work Valb and Monty!


quick question on Clockw0rks stick… In a video interview he did with G4(?) he mentioned something about how the buttons had a different, less springy feel to them which he preferred… Was this due to a mod to the buttons or more to do with how the case might absorb some of that ‘springiness’ ??

Awesome work by the way! Always inspiring!

If i remember correctly its a reference between solid wood panels vs hollow metal panels. It has zero to do with a button mod

I really need to get around to ordering one of these bad boys. I’ve PM/emailed Valbjorn quite a few times before but whenever I have the cash to spend, it always ends up on another priority. He’s definitely a very nice guy and was very helpful/informative about his products and what he offers. Any ideas I have for a custom stick default to one of these cases first and foremost, so hopefully I can snag one soon.