ProjectGiantSword wrist room


Getting straight to the point, I’ve been looking at custom PGS cases, but I’m concerned about their 7.5in width. Coming from a TE, I’m concerned about there possibly not being enough wrist room. For those who own a case from them, can you offer any input to my concerns? Thanks in advance.


Hey I just got my PGS and the dimensions aren’t actually correct. The stick is listed as 14.5x7.5x2 1/8, but when I measured mine it was actually 14.5x8.75x2 1/8. I think the 7.5 they are talking about is the artwork. The artwork in length is 7.5, but the whole stick is somewhat closer to 9". The palmrest area is about the same size as a madcatz SE stick to give you reference. Let me know if you have anymore questions.