Projectile attack list?


Besides the obvious (Hadouken, TS, SB)

Which characters have projectile specials that aren’t necesarrily actual fireballs?

Viper - burn kick


Burn kick counts as a projectile? What the fuck?


I take it to mean that projectile is something that you throw out to attack your opponent, without being attached to your body. By this definition, Viper’s burn kick is mostly definitely NOT a projectile attack.

But Cody’s rock throw would count as a projectile that isn’t a fireball. His knife throw too…that’s about it.


Although the game represents the palm strike of Yun to be a projectile oddly enough.


Ibuki’s kunai. Juri’s fuhajin is arguable. For it is not a fireball per se, it is a wave of ki energy that lingers for awhile. Though that’s more character lore than game mechanics if anything. There really isn’t anything else that counts as projectile.

It doesnt count as a projectile. It just has the ability to cancel one out.


It is a projectile though.

Fireballs are ki blasts (in most media anyways).


Isn’t that precisely what a fireball is? I would count Sakura and Dan’s “wave of ki energy that lingers for awhile” as fireballs. Same with Juri’s fireballs.

But yeah, Ibuki’s kunai would count as a non-fireball projectile. Good find. I’m pretty sure ashamed I didn’t mention that, since I play only Ibuki :frowning:


Pshhh, The only good projectile is Tiger Shot.


ex rekka, galactic tornado, burn kicks, yun palms
i think there are a bunch more but i forgot


just to clarify… so the OP means he wants to compile a list of special attacks with projectile like properties, such as projectile negating hit boxes, while not exactly a traditional projectile.

Fuhajin-b, Gadouken, Hadouken, Kikkoken, Max Out, Sonic Boom, Soul Spark, Tiger Shot, Yoga Fire
Bad Stone, Claw Throw, Galactic Tornado, Kunai Throw, Mask Throw, Seismic Hammer, Tanden Engin, Yoga Blast/Flame
not really but…
Banish Flat, Burn Kick, Criminal Upper, Fuhajin-a, Soul Reflect

there are more but i’m not that focused…:coffee:


dj ex up punches LOLOL


Chun: u2
Cody: ex-cu, bad spray, first hit of u2
Dee Jay: ex-mgu
Viper: burn kick, last hit of ex-bk
Dhalsim: yoga blast, yoga flame
Dictator: ex-pc
Fei: ex-rekka
Juri: fb store
Oni: f+hp, air dashes
Rufus: galactic tornado
Rose: u2
Seth: super
Zangief: ex-gh
Yun/Yang: palms, b+hp in target combo

I may have missed a few, but don’t have the time to go check. There are also some moves that look like projectiles, but actually aren’t. Kunai is one of them, Blanka u2 is another.


Are their any moves that cancel projectiles but don’t break armour when used as a reversal?


Oni’s f+hp probably, since it’s a normal. What’s the relevance?


Maybe burn kick ?

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Because reversal fireballs don’t break armor. So any other reversal special that doesn’t break armor would indicate that there’s a different flag for actual projectiles.

I don’t know the answer offhand, but I would expect it would just be any special move with a disjointed hitbox (i.e any move that persists even after a trade)


Seth’s Super is actually a projectile and a strike with pursuit properties on both.
The projectile only has one “point” (meaning those with two or three “points”, like EX fireballs or red fireballs will stuff it in a couple of situations.)

The more you know!


Kunai Throw is different than normal projectiles because it has a hurt box: It can be beaten by normal attacks unlike other projectile property hitboxes. I don’t believe that Seimo has projectile properties.

Non-EX Tanden Engines have a grab hitbox, not a projectile one. That’s why they don’t hit jumps, but are able to pull Abel out of his strike invincible roll.

All of the moves you listed under “not really but…” have projectile properties, which is why they are able to stuff fireballs.

An easy way to test for projectile properties is to use them against Tanden Engine after Seth has fully changed color. It becomes projectile invincible at that point and moves with projectile properties (like Burn Kick, Oni’s :f:+:hp:, and almost every move you listed) will go through him.


Thanks for the input.

Reason I asked is to try and determine when Hawk can use his cr. RH (with it’s head invincibility) to avoid stuff. Weird thing with Viper for example is that cr. RH will avoid the flame, but then he gets hit by the foot/physical part. However, using EX Spire beats both.

It definitely works against Dictator’s devil’s reverse punches. The main function was to avoid high TS from Sagat, but it’s got to have more uses than that.


Bison’s devil reverse is not a projectile though. And Viper’s burnkick is always a projectile, except for the ex-version.

The head hurtbox is actually pretty tiny, so really the only projectile hitbox that would hit his head instead of his body (which is a huge hurtbox) would be high tiger shot. Maybe some weird timings can avoid Juri’s fbs.