Projectile deflection New Game Mechanic, What are your thoughts about it from Pros, Cons and etc


Projectile deflection, What are your thoughts about it like from Pros and Cons?


Who should have it?

Who shouldn’t have it?

What about this character?

Why this character?

What kind of projectile?

Should be solely for normal based projectile?

Shouldn’t be for command based projectile?

What about Bullets?

What about Lasers?

Why it should be universal?

Why it shouldn’t be universal?

Is it even necessary?

Why is it even necessary?

Whos gonna benefit from it?

Whos not gonna benefit from it?

How many characters would benefit from it?

How many characters would not benefit from it?

What specific possible problems does it fix?

Do they have other option to deal with this problem rather than this?

What are the risk this mechanic does possible make?

How troublesome this kind of projectile is?

Why should it be in the game?

What are the cons?

what are the pros?

Just give your thoughts in.


I think it should be fine. Gives characters that can’t projectile a little bit more of a chance to not get swarmed to death by fireballs. The character throwing the fireball can still deflect it back at you and then throw another fireball. Plus from what I’ve heard the timing to reflect is pretty sensitive and if you screw up you’ll most likely hit buttons before you get put in block stun and get hit.

It really won’t matter vs some of the zoning any ways since beams and gun shots like Chris’ Magnum can’t be reflected. Can’t complain


Its a new mechanic. We’re about to find out how good or bad it is.

Looks fun.



while they could easily follow up with beams, gun shot or teleport or simply use other means of mobility after deflecting the projectile using it as a cover to confused the other player rather than keep playing that Rose ball and wasting time.

Yup it doesn’t really matter to the like of Chris Magnum and the rest of the majority beamers, teleporters and also those that had multiple projectile attacks from normals and specials.



favors beam characters who already tended to be better in marvel games outside of mvc3 morrigan.


They just need to deflect once then follow up with either lazer, teleport or etc.

There are even other ways to deal with morrigan in MVC3 with the chrisG setup. It wasn’t even a big problem to other to deal with.


i think you missed my point completely.

I’m saying that fireballs are already weaker than beams inherently and this makes them weaker.


It’s not just about fireballs but rather as a whole on how fireball dependent character change drastically in this radical gameplay mechanic.


Seems cool. Reminds me a bit of instant blocking in BB/GG…glad that it seems fairly hard to do.

However it kind of feels like a huge FU to Morrigan.


It seems rather dumb to me. TBH.


Not really Morrigan If they want to deal with Morrigan they should have done it specifically against her. Cause Morrigan have other ways and tools to deal with that issue. The problem is with other characters that isn’t designed in that radical update.


Morrigan got an stationary projectile so that might help her against something like that

I’m worried about someone like Arthur who is already pretty gimped compared to the rest of the cast.


How is he gimped? St least he’s got a dash.


Same. I mained Authur in UMVC3. My keepaway game was pretty decent/good.

When i heard he was in MVCI, I WAS excited. Now…shit…if every character has built-in anti projectile counters.


Yah it looks retarded. Waiting to play b4 judgement.


It just means everyone has a reflect, it must come with more risks than rewards.


But not everyone has the same utilities and dependencies.


At some point firing a projectile might be a mistake if a certain opposing character benefits from a reflect.


And now using a certain character that has bad projectile capabilities and dependent on a projectile is now a mistake.