Projectile durability question

Hey, I’m relatively new to MVC and I’m trying to create a zoning team but I haven’t been able to find a projectile durability comparison for the game or anything of the sort. What are high durability projectile assists?


Only supers have the high projectile durability property. There’s only 3 assists that have the medium projectile durability property (Arthur’s golden armor lances, Modok’s balloon bomb and Viper’s thunder knuckle).

Most normal moves and special moves that are projectiles have low durability and which projectile wins if they’re both low depends on how many points the projectile has. Low durability is what happens most often in play and high durability 2nd most in play since all projectile supers have high durability points. Medium is a rare trait that only a few moves have.

Ryu’s hadoken has 5 points of durability while Doom’s j.H gun only has one point of durability so Ryu will win. If Doom shoots an H plasma beam which has 12 points of low durability at a hadoken, 5 of the hits of Doom’s beam will nullify Ryu’s hadoken and the rest of the beam will pass through and hit Ryu.

There’s 5 specific projectile moves that I know of that have medium durability and they’re all special moves. Those moves pretty much nullify all low durability projectiles and just keep going unaffected in strength or hits. A few include Arthur’s golden armor lances, Modok’s balloon/jamming bomb and Viper’s thunder knuckle moves.

There used to be a list from Vanilla that had specific stuff in an html format but not sure where it is now.

While I don’t have the data you’re looking for, I can offer some input. First off, every projectile, as you probably know, has a certain amount of durability points. These durability points can be divided into three different priorities: low durability points, medium durability points, and high durability points. I don’t know exactly how it works, but I think a projectile with a higher class of durability might be a lower one clean; again, I’m not quite sure how it works, but I know the classes of priority exist.

I’m not sure if you’re referring to projectile assists of the high durability class… To my knowledge, there are none. I think you’re just referring to durable assists, in which case I cannot help you. I know nothing about this stuff other than what I mentioned in the above paragraph, but I just figured I’d clear that up if you thought there were assists with high durability points. I’m pretty sure high is reserved for projectile Hypers.

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Just want to clarify on MODOK’s balloon bomb assist… I don’t think anyone really knows how much durability it has, because it doesn’t interact with other projectiles at all (except for the the cool little glowing effect that happens when projectiles and supers pass through it). It’s basically just a little ball of “hit” that floats out to the middle of the screen once he shoots it. It won’t stop any projectiles from travelling through it, but nothing can stop it either… it’s going to keep on floating until it blows up and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Balloon bomb on point is different than the assist version, because it does interact with projectiles. The durability count is a a little misleading at first, because anything will cause it to blow up and stop travelling, even a single 1 point of low durability projectile. So basically the bomb has 1 low durability point. However, the little explosion that happens once it blows up has a LOT of durability, and can nullify an entire doom beam for example.

As for OP’s original question… I’d probably go a beam that can cut through tons of stuff like Doom’s beam or something. But the placement of the projectile itself is also something to consider… With Hidden Missiles for example, their durability really doesn’t matter most of the time, because people aren’t going to be nullifying them with their own projectiles. Then you have other assists that can cut through projectiles anyway like Akuma’s tatsu.

Pick Arthur and Doom others task, hawkeye, chris, hsein ko, deadpool, firebrand, storm and dr. strange.

I made a thread for this a while back but haven’t updated it for Ultimate.