Projectile invincible moves



Theres a lot more EX projectile invincible moves which makes some match ups really difficult.

Bisons EX Scissor Kick
T Hawk Condor Spire EX
Rose Soul Spiral EX

I can understand why Diago hates Ryu now. I just had a horrible match against a Bison who was pretty good Its
like fighting a laggy Blanka. Except the match wasnt lagging, it was just constant block stun and hit stun. I think that match ups in his favour now.

Im tempted to dump Ryu if I can find a replacement character, there’s too many ways past fireball zoning in Ultra.


You Diago logic is flawed in that E. Ryu has the same fireball.

Hawk and Rose have better anti hadoken moves.

Learn whiff spacing and when to invade. Not more powerful than offense in online matches, but good for offline.

Bison match up (neutral) is played farther apart than you are used to if you are worried about EX scissors. Play around with your empty jump spacing, tatsu approaches and blind spot jump attacks. Once you force bison to move under your terms or if you fight a bison who doesn’t think he needs charge, you only have to worry about him in corner situations. Its honestly no picnic for both players though…

You should probably replace your character. Not as an insult, it just seems to bother you to play Ryu. You character synergy is important, if you hate on your character, you won’t play with that character as well as someone with a worse character who believes said character can win. Doesn’t mean that your opponent will beat you, but your opponent will probably out perform you more often than not. Character/player synergy is a real thing…


To be fair I dont hate Ryu I just think part of his game has been diluted with ever more ways past fireballs. Hes still a fun
character to play. I only play the game for fun, but sometimes the online experience takes that away.

Ill be able to compare Ultra better when the PC version arrives on friday.


I’ve been slacking, not really training and shit. Just playing vs and online. When PC comes out, I’ll try to get a real up to date complete Ryu thread going with all the training I’ll be doing.


Evil Ryu isn’t forced to zone, though. He doesn’t need to throw fireballs. I agree with Daigo. There aren’t anti-fireball moves in SSF4. There are anti-Ryu moves.


Why quote me out of context…

Starting from title of thread,

Copy/Pasta: Projectile invincible moves
Theres a lot more EX projectile invincible moves which makes some match ups really difficult.
I can understand why Diago hates Ryu now.

OP is talking about projectiles, as far as those are concerned, evil and vanilla are the same… You are talking about not needing a projectile in a thread about projectile invincible moves… Whatever, there’s nothing to be gained from this thread…