Projectile spammers plus lag equals win


i just fought a guy from hong kong (yes i know i should of stayed in my own region if i didnt want lag issues) but i lost because he used deadpool and akuma (he didnt use his third) and just spammed projectiles,and im not talking a few times then he would go into combos or use actual skill,he just kept blasting me.

i got close once but then he called in another character and continued his stupid spamming,i even had wesker to get the drop on him but i literally was stuck on the spot.

what options are there to get out of a projectile loop?


I was fooling around with a keepaway team yesterday (Deadpool/Dorm/Shuma ended up being the final version) and got beat once people got in.

Once you get in, the only thing a keepaway character can really do is throw you, then run back and start spamming again. Just watch for openings, use teleports/dashes/super jumps, and be patient.

Since you use Wesker, you can counter harass with D+C and teleports.


i was literally stuck in one place due to the rate of projectiles coming at me,i even tried counter projectiles but they never got through.
i think i need to train how to avoid projectiles so this crap never happens again


Your team needs a ‘GTFO’ assist like Hulk (anti-air), Ryu’s srk, or Haggar’s lariat. Then you’ll have an easier time getting back to spamming. Also, Deadpool is a perfectly competent point character even when not playing keepaway.

Lag definitely messes with the balance of these teams. I play Wolverine, and he has Berserker Slash to deal with projectiles. I only need to inch forward a bit and time my slash with the shot to get in. When it’s really laggy though, it’s really hard to do that. It’s especially bad when they lag switch in the middle of my combos…


No need to create a thread for this.
Besides bad lag messes with gameplay elements in any game, fight fire with fire.