Prominent Players Still Missing In SBO 2008

We have seen lots of super teams like KO with RX, and Kuroda’s team. And Kokujin is back again. Boss is also already in. Thanatos probably the best and aggressive Oro.

But there are some big players that are still not yet qualified.

One of them is trademark Hugo - Hayao. Once this guy qualifies, then we almost have most of the big players.

Other prominent names include:

Ruu (Ryu)
Kashi (Ken)
Namijin (Ryu)
YSB (Hugo)
Sugiyama ?? (Necro)
J (Makoto)
Yamazaki (Twelve)
Zangoefu ?? (Alex)
Hayao (Hugo) already mentioned

I will mark off the names of these players if they qualify.

Does anyone know if Fujiwara has retired already?

I think you left quite a few out. Then again, I don’t know who has retired or who has already had the slot filled at their region/arcade. But what about:

Shiro Itachi
Yuki Otoko

Just to name a few.

It’s confirmed – In honor of his awesome skill, Capcom to rename Hugo to Hayao? :wonder::rofl:

I missed out on the Yun and Ken, and also Chun players if any were left because there are just a bit too many of them, hard to pick just the one that standout, unlike Hayao’s Hugo. And for Yuki and Match, I overlooked them, maybe because I was thinking Kuroda’s Gouki would be this year’s Gouki.

looking for my boys mester and nitto. i miss hayao

Shiro Itachi is in.
He is using the name Amakusashiroutokisada, apparently he changes it every year.

We could use some dirty music too: there are no Oro players qualified to this moment. I hope some of the players already mentioned make it to SBO this year.

Dude I think there is already Oro in this year’s SBO. Dirty is in.
And I think Thanatos too?

Roshihikari is in too.

this could be discussed in the sbo thread please think before you keep making all these threads