Proof Ken is the Superior Shoto

Ryu’s life is ALL Martial Arts, 100% dedication, its all he does.

Ken’s life is normal (wife and kid on the way) and martial arts is more like a serious hobby. So he doesn’t commit due to having a life.

But they are on the same skill level in canon, which MEANS that Ken has more potential and is therefor the stronger character.

Ken = Casual Player
Ryu = Competitive Player
Ken > Ryu

Try to disprove this, I dare you. Also move to fanfic section if it needs to be there.

…How old are you

I’ve always thought him to be slightly superior in playstyle, though I consider More fun = superior so I’m biased there.

If any of the shotos got a win in my book, it would be Gouki solely on his quote if you beat Ryu in a rival fight with ultra “You’ve got a loooong way to go!”.

I know the truth is hard to face, but look in your heart. You know it to be true!

So what’s the newbie question?


This thread is more or less an alternate general discussion when it comes to little things that aren’t good enough to make it to general discussion.

This thread is more or less an alternate general discussion when it comes to little things that aren’t good enough to make it to general discussion.

Where does it say they are the same skill level in canon? Storyline is wonky, but that is seriously just wrong. Going by canon we can see Ryu being much stronger in Third Strike; Ryu makes his own move, the denjin hadouken while Ken retains his skillset and a whole bunch of other garbage like Oro taking him as his pupil.

You should at least be asking a question…

Alright, well Dan was trained by Gouken for a very brief amount of time while it took Ken and Ryu years of training to reach their skill levels. Since Ken > Ryu and Dan is only a 4-6 match-up vs. Ken (even WITH such little training), doesn’t that mean Dan has more potential than Ken making Dan > Ken?

So it belongs in the newbie forum instead of on gamefaqs?

Talk about an insult to this forum and everything it stands for.

Holy shit you’re right.

Same thread was just on 4chan.

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Guys, guys… Consider Sakuras age and how she’s had no formal training, then tell me who’s got the potential :cool:

I mean, if Dan is > Ken… And Sakura is younger, untrained and yet still can do way better hadoukens than Dan (even the Shinkuu Hadouken), well… Check mate fellas.

If you haven’t noticed yet Akumanator appears to be a child or at most a teen. Every single one of his posts are absolute crap.

Absolute crap to you seems to be posts that aren’t about frame data, tiers, or non SF fighting games.

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