Propaganda poster with cheap effects


Here it is y’all.


I don’t see what 'cheap effects" you’re referring to…

I can understand it’s a take/parody on the Uncle Sam poster. Is that supposed to be a member of the sword-bearing police? (Meiji era, if I recall my Kenshin correctly)

I like the rising sun in the bg… strong Japan associations there.

things that can be improved:

I understand you want to do the pointing thing using the sword instead, but it’s not a good way to display the sword. The brighter design elements don’t work much for me, either.

I can see you put a lot of effort to make kanji & kana look authentic, but I’m sorry to say that it’s not quite there. (also, the text doesn’t quite make sense)

It would look a lot better if you inserted the characters using a font. placement of the characters would be better suited to the right side of the poster since Japanese is read top to bottom, right to left. The english text tends to fade into the bg… turn the image to grayscale to understand what I mean.

not a bad effort though. what’s it for?







Sword should come toward us to the right cause that angle isn’t working. Overall good work though. You still rock slippers, shredded shorts, and a wife beater like you been to Hanoi though.


here try this.


yeah tahts much better. What’s confusing about it?