Proper DOA4 Stick Drivers

Two of my buttons don’t work with the Microsoft-installed drivers. Also, my search function has decided not to work so could anyone hook a guy up?

I can’t link to it because I’m posting on a phone, but if you check the essential thread sticky at the top of the page there’s a guide on how to have the LT and RT buttons working.

I guess my eyes stopped working too. Thanks :tup:

I used this driver:
Along with this driver profile I did myself:

It remaps the buttons from



Delete this my phone posted twice

As a sidenote SuicideGrandpa, I don’t think you need to do steps 3 and above in that sticky if you are going to try that instead of using my links (which is pretty much the same thing except I remapped the buttons). The driver should recognize the stick as a DOA stick already. Only need to do that other stuff for an EX2, I believe.

Trouble is, I installed that other driver but the two bottom buttons still do not work…

Do they work when you use the stick on your X360 as Hori buttons are not the most reliable things in the world.

They do indeed. And they are even detected when making a new profile for this stick, but as soon as I finish… they no longer register.

Did you make sure the trigger buttons are set as Buttons instead of a POV or Axis (pic at bottom)? How about going to Control Panel -> Game Controller -> Properties? Are the triggers recognized there? If so, what were they recognized as? Your problem reminds me of what my online buddy had where the Triggers were mapped to the + and - Z-Axis. He ended up just using Joy2Key to map the buttons to a keyboard function and configured it that way for the Emus.

Nice Mikhal you answered my question b4 i even asked it!!!

I’m psychic. :wink:

The XBCD doesn’t recognize any device when I open up the setup utility.

sooo bump! The new drivers still don’t enable it…

Have you tried following my other post and checking the control panel and seeing if Windows sees it? I’m assuming so since you said it works except the two buttons…