Proper EVO etiquette?

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With the largest sponsership in fighting game history, I feel that it’d be quite important to show the sponsers of this event that this community is a group of people that is worth the money that’s being offered, given the Yaris plug and all. Because the last thing I want to happen is to have a bad batch of tards give the rest of us a bad name and pretty much ruin any future chances of any support for the FGC there on.

So I wonder if a basic rules and guidlines list should be addressed and also have ‘strict’ consequences to those that pretty much try to rock the boat. This is a very critical time for the future of fighting game competitions and if they’ll finally get the exposure that they deserve, so I ask this question (topic of this thread) to the EVO staff. And also, to those that attend EVO could also do their part to help keep things in line if they notice any of ‘their boys’ or anyone else that get out of line or begin to throw a fit or something.

Hopefully all will go well in the end, but it never hurts to try and prepare as best we can beforehand. Just my thoughts.


My apologies if there’s already a list of guidelines/etiquette elsewhere, and if so, please feel free to post that link for reference and close this thread. Thanks in advance. :china:

K guys this means don’t call black mario ds players niggers… shit is bad for our community and theirs. Also no having sex with anyone who enters the tournament. Also no excessive showboating and victory dances using props. This includes spiking the ball on the star that is in the middle of the field.

ricky is banned

I just hope that Toyota stays a loyal sponsor.

seriously, what a douchebag.

The whole attraction behind the fighting game community is that it isn’t a bunch of clean-cut, boring, stoic, Politically correct people, but instead a wide variety of interesting personalities. Censoring these personalities is counterproductive to our cause.

The only thing that should be worried about is somebody getting so drunk/high that they pass out and start having seizures, or cause a scene, or if a bunch of idiots start REAL LIFE fighting on the casino premesis.

Everything else is fair game. There is nothing huge at stake here, sponsors will judge their future actions by NUMBERS aka PROFITS and potential for gain, NOT by if a few people have potty mouths.

Get a fucking life, FoxStep. Leave the future of the SF community in the hands of those who have sacrificed to keep it alive for so long…what you should be worrying about is why you think you’re important enough to comment on something you know abo-fucking-lutely nothing about!

its pretty easy to still be yourself and not be blatantly disrespectful to sponsors though.

for example, i dont think that booing whatever the hell mlg was announcing last year advertised our scene’s “wide variety of interesting personalities.”

i guess you are right about numbers/profits though.

DSP: My concern is not to take the shit-talking, applause-roaring aspect out of it by any means. Hell, I’m all for it. I’m far more in favor of the SF crowd compared to the Tekken/anything 3D in the states crowd. In games like that, everything is so silent, stone-cold…boring. At least in SF crowds, people actually cheer, hoot, holler, rant, all that great stuff, and I really wished more of that would have caught on in the 3D community, but alas, it’ll never be as exciting or fun as watching heated SF matches.

My concern is people that…well…um…throw tanrums…fits…or anything of that borderline grade-schoolish behavior when they lose or pretty much everything you’ve said such as people becoming un-controllable and cause a scene. I’m truly sorry for not really being specific. I never want to see the fun side of things go away, just as long as their isn’t any of of the aforementioned adolescent actions that follow.

Again, these are just my thoughts, and I really wouldn’t have addressed them if I didn’t feel they were the slightest bit of importance, but it never hurts to look a bit tidied up when going into an interview to nail a nice job, and the same could somewhat be said here in a way. Would it hurt ‘that’ much to discourage players going apeshit? That’s just all I’m really worried about. There really wasn’t a need for all the derogatory obsenities either, but from what I’ve gathered, it’s a common way you like to communicate, so I’ll just accept that. But it’s very true about the numbers/profits thing though.

I throw tantrums. Ban me from Evo. :razz:


If throwing a fit was accepted behavior, then noone would do it, so it doesn’t make too much sense to remind players as if they didn’t know.

Part of running the tournament is going to be to try to minimize these things and present the event in a positive light. To compare, a sporting event is a stadium full of drunk idiots shouting obscenities at each other, and then there’s the crowd too. But if you ask the commissioner about it or watch it on tv, you don’t hear too much of it happening until certain lines are crossed (riots, fan throwing things at people, etc…).

Everyone tries their best to discourage people from crossing those lines and hopes for the best. But in the unfortunate instance that something does happen, evo will just have to deal with it the best way it can.

just think of it like this: if youre going to stab someone, at least have the courtesy to do it in a bathroom where nobody can see you do it. plus, i think escorts should be provided to everybody who makes it to the finals, someone needs to talk to toyota about that.

WTF… :lol:

I think that there are some valid points here.

  1. Do not offend/degrade the sponsor. EVO Vegas is obviously EVO VEGAS due to sponsors. When they put their name on anything eg. sporting events or use someone to represent them eg. Shaq, they want people to associate their brand with the game/person/event. If people talk about how crappy the product/company is or boo the sponsor while the Cannons’ are thanking them, then it is back to SF in your parent’s basement. Having numbers show up then boo the product/sponsor will not make them come back.

  2. “Proper etiquette” is something I do not think is needed. Looking like an ass, showing up stoned/drunk and vomiting is something else. :wasted: Rowdy crowds at sporting events are commonplace. Be yourself… unless you are a public-vomit-on the-floor-drunk-all-the-time-ass. Some are close, but hopefully not all the time. I do not think trash talking/ showboating is a big deal. Just don’t get into fisticuffs and make the casino call the police. It looks bad on the casino, the sponsor, and us. I personally would also avoid the racial name calling, even in jest, at least in front of the media or a sponsor representative.

  3. Where’s the “I’m wearing a suit to EVO” thread? I am not sure what Toyota will think when folk come by wearing suits then sit on the floor and play MVC2. They’ll probably like it. More variety. :wgrin:

  4. I found this encouraging that Toyota would even sponsor this in the first place. Other game genres are far more popular than fighting games right now. I just want this to keep growing and hope others see how great fighting games/tournaments can be.

I like the sentiment here. Not much really needs to change honestly, but booing other games is definitely a bad move (I see this possibly happening with DOA, please prove me wrong). Tantrums, I dunno…people acting like total asshats can be entertaining (see Phil Hellmuth in poker), but overall it probably reflects badly on the community.

fuck etiquette; Anata wa anata desu; you are what you are.

besides, it’s common sense: show respect, earn respect and repect will be shown towards you. Just dont make yourself believe you’re the “big cheese” when others literally kick your scrubby ass when you realize you lose.

thnx for the japanese in your post it really held it all together lol:rofl: