Proper execution of links?

So after playing SF3 and SF4 the same way I’ve been playing in SF2, I’ve been practicing for the past few days and trying to learn the game and one thing that I’m a little bit confused about are how to execute links, so I’m hoping some of you guys can answer my questions:

[]Just to confirm my uber basic understanding of links: Links are comprised of normals that can be linked together immediately after the preceding normal’s animation is completed?
](Might be a stupid question) Is learning how to nail links down crucial for tournament play?
[]When executing the 2nd/3rd/etc part of a link, is the input window the same? And if so, what is it?
]Are there any other threads/videos that talk about how to execute links that you all would recommend reading/watching, especially for someone using a joystick?
Thanks in advance for all the help!

I think you should search this forum a little more and you’ll find all the answers to your questions.

  1. yes
  2. yes (if you want to do optimal combos), but some characters don’t rely on them as much as others
  3. links really only have one part (hit it or not), but if you mean 2nd or 3rd link within a combo than the timing for each specific link will not change based upon its placement within a given combo.
  4. look up plinking or p-linking

stickies, read them

Whoops! Sorry bout that RIP. Thanks for directing me to your thread :wink: