Proper Frame Data

Hi, so I noticed that, like most things on SRK, the wiki is poorly maintained, full of incorrect data and missing heaps of information.

Can anyone point me to a proper frame data page that lists things like invincibility frames and special properties of moves like landing frames, airborn frames, throw/projectile/strike vulnerability and invulnerability? The worst part is, the previous versions had all this, but I guess they decided to make the USF4 one extra shitty. I hadn’t noticed until now because I hadn’t played it much.

Detailed hitboxes would be nice too.

It would be greatly appreciated.


@“Duck Strong” USF4 wiki has all that stuff, and in more detail than old wiki. You just need to go to the bottom for the full frame data table. As is noted right at the top of the smaller table.

Hitbox data isn’t on there however, but you can find them on or use frametrapped to view them ingame.

The USF4 wiki is up to date with 1.05 patch, pretty accurate (I can’t say PERFECT obviously), and more detailed than the old wiki or the guide books.