Proper Stick Cleaning Methods

Hey guys I have a chun li s stick and well it’s kinda sticky like when I play on it my hands get sticky afterwards I tried cleaning the buttons with a soft cloth but meh still same results does anyone know a good way to clean the buttons , stick , and the art ? without scratching the chun li art .

Disinfectant wipes or a wet rag. If you’re paranoid about mini scratches, use a microfiber cloth.

You think baby wipes will work ? haha that’s all I have right now besides microfiber clothes and yes I’m really paranoid of scratches it bugs the hell out of me

Why would it not work? It’s not like there’s a special “stick cleaning formula” for it, just use any regular cleaning solution to get the grime off of it, and tissues or a microfiber to clean it.

Alright then , I always believe if you cleaned something with baby wipes it just makes it worse haha but yea thanks man :smiley:

i use baby wipes to clean my stick. it does a really good job

Wash your hands before you play and don’t eat, drink, or have sex around your stick :wink:

Ah, geeze. No sex while comboing? On Valentine’s day though, when else am I supposed to get my training room session in?

If your girl catches you trying to do combos in the middle of sex, you’re not going to have to worry about having sex thereafter. :wink:

So… that’ll solve all my problems then!
Thanks TechTalk!

Oh there is sex during comboing, thats why god created doggy style, so you have somewhere to put your stick

You can think about combos during sex, though. In fact, sometimes it helps.

Strong Fierce Jab, Short Forward Jab, ULTRA COMBO

Haha that made me laugh hard