Proper V-Skill Usage

I’ve been making the hard adjustment of learning Zangief. Would like a whole threads worth of info, strats, and hidden tech about its usage.

Speaking of which, if someone would be so kind as to explain how it’s executed and properly used, that would be cool. Zangief is an amazing character. Might start maining him over Ryu. So any tips on maximizing it’s potential are welcome.

Proper usage is to counter heavy attacks and medium attacks with long recovery in footsie battles. Best place to use it is just inside sweep range to counter really good pokes from characters. It is a good counter as well when you know the character you are playing against does strings that are not true block strings, using it almost as a red parry. The other use is to build v meter for reversals or vtrigger.
It is really low risk as it only loses to throws.

do not use on jump ins. Jump attacks are at such an advantage in this game that you cant punish them with parry, smart players will jump in with attacks and then throw you before you recover for big damage.

How does the skill work? If you catch someone in the middle of an attack, are you guaranteed an SPD or can they jump out?

Haven’t had too much luck catching jumpins with V-Skill and punishing. Guess you’re right. I’ll stop using it in that way.

So in my limited experience… Doing this move in a way where the counter comes out (Moving forward or holding the two buttons too long) is usually bad for me. Basically if I hold the buttons at all, something bad happens. If I just tap em for a quick parry I’ve had some success.

What are my options if the counter hit tags a standing opponent?

Whats the deal with negative edge? I was trying to do some neg edge testing last night (start V-skill, release MK, wait 1 second, release MP) and I could not get it to work at all. I know this game has NE so I’m not sure what the deal is.

Do we know exactly how many frames they are frozen for when we parry? When are we able to spd on parry exactly? Parry, release buttons, spd or does parry then spd while still holding buttons (still red) work like cancelling into the spd I imagine it as?

The way I have gotten it to work is to not hold the buttons at all. When the blow is coming I do a quick tap of the buttons and immediately start churning the butter and mashing a punch.

it is different on all attacks as it is based on the recovery of the move. Basically almost all heavies, medium attacks that take a while for the animation to finish are a free spd. Light attacks you usually get nothing.

The frame data for the flex portion of Iron Muscle is +2 on hit, -2 on block. Didn’t know that. Friend just told me.

Indeed. It allows you to 1 frame link to super. Pretty nice.

Funny, I didn’t think of that. Good eye, Mesenkomaha. I often have Super stocked, so I’ll be using this on occasion.

Has anyone tried waking up with v skill or through frame traps that use mediums/heavies?

It has start-up so I dunno if you’ll stop a meaty medium or fierce.

I think sometimes using V-Skill on wakeup can make an opponent hesitant to apply pressure. It’s not like Gief has the best wakeup options. What do you guys think?

Really depends on the opponent. A meaty throw or neutral jump could blow this up, but if they’ve shown they consistently go for ground normals, it might be a good idea.

I find that Necalli loves to press buttons. So I use Iron Muscle more in that matchup. Unless of course the Necalli adapts, then I do it less.

Sometimes the St HP armor is better than v-skill. Obviously for jump ins for sure, but I’m trying to figure out which one is best in each situation. Any input is appreciated. I guess we should include EX Run in the “armor” moves too, and figure out which one is best in each matchup/situation.

I’m actually wondering if St.HP is good against light jump attacks.

As long as you don’t hold it too long and give them a chance to land and sweep its amazing.

Practicing with the dummy today, I had it j.HK me (Ken) then mash his 4f cr.jab. I parry the j.HK and churn for spd. It works before I’m jabbed out.

Next, I try Karin., mash CR.jab (3 frames) parry the j.HK, get jabbed out of spd everytime.