Proper way of utilizing the Denjin Hadouken

Okay I know this is like the 530th thread concerning Ryu’s least popular Super Art. But I’ve been messing around at the arcades lately with the Denjin and got some lovely results, just thought I’d share.

I’m not a big fan of Ryu. But SA3 is a very viable choice of SA. I may not be able to prove it because of my limited skills, but I’ll list some ways to land the Denjin in a realistic fashion.

-My favorite way is canceling an SRK into the denjin and release it when he wakes up. It’s probably the only realistic way to have enough time to mesh out a 5 hit denjin.

-Throwing a denjin after a connected hadouken. Rather or not you want to spend the whole guage bar for the little damage is debatable. I do it only when it’s enough to dizzy. I try to mesh out another hit too, sometimes.

-Half-screen jab.hadouken xx 2-3 hits denjin upon opponent’s waking-up is a more popular way of doing it. It works from time to time for me, not dependable though IMO.

-blocked cr.forward > blocked hadouken xx denjin. Hold the denjin a little to throw his parry timing off. I rarely do this, because if he decided to jump out of the blocked hadouken I’d be taking a faceful.

Frankie almost always denjin upon wake-ups, especially against the wall. That is the safest way to dish out stun damage. You can always throw the trip in to mess up his parries =P

I know this is cookie-cutter stuff for most people, but when put to use it looks impressive. I was inspired by a Denjin-Ryu around my place after he dizzied the most feared Dudley in town with his SRK>5 hits Denjin of doom.

Maybe I’m just tired of fighting all the SA3 Kens and Akumas around my place. If I see someone picking Denjin I’d get a few more tokens just for the sake of playing against something new.

Just my two cents, not trying to sound like a know-all :wink:

i always heard ti as doing jab dp into mashed denji juggle… at waist lvl.

what are the most hits you can get out of denjin if you want to combo into it. i can combo into a two hit denjin from most of ryu’s cancellable normals. c. mk, hp, c.hp.

anyway of comboing into 3 hits or more?

If you combo into a two hit denjin, and then shortly thereafter you can do standing fierce xx donkey foot, your opponent will be stunned.

that’s only against wall, right?

how many denjin hits would it be linking after a shoryuken , and hit the victim before touches the ground …

3 hits ??

i know it only work on corner , but the victim fly up pretty high

i’ve being trying it for awhile… but it doesnt seem to juggle from an SRK. probably could get 1 hit if you’re lucky and when he’s stunned by the SRK and against the wall :confused:


whereabouts do you live/play?

regarding some Denjin set-ups, realistically, your best bet would be to have your opponent cornered.

shoryuken xx Denjin is ok, but i prefer these 2:

back throw into corner -> activate Denjin

whatever normal -> short Tatsumaki -> land -> immediately activate Denjin

after a short Tatsumaki, Ryu lands slightly before the opponent which will give you some ample time to charge that thang :lol:.

i’m not sure if you’ve come across this though, but you can charge Denjin faster if you spin the stick.

edit: the LK hurricane set-up is also for the corner. you can probably subsitute the donkey kick for the hurricane if you wish. oh. or a shoryuken super cancel. heh. guess any of his specials that knockdown. my point is basically to do your thang in the corner.

i play at rush arcade and at UBC sometimes
those are the only places with 3S players

and playdium doesn’t count =P

i play at rush too with denjin ryu as my main character. I use black denjin ryu if you recognize me.

another one i find useful is if you see the oppoenent near stun, do a dragon punch while they are blocked and super cancel into denjin. It catches them offguard and can get a couple hits in, perhaps enough to stun. from my experience, if you get 3 hits in, it’s relatively safe.

another one that i observed watching frankie3s (he’s my idol:D ) is do the denjin after a reset. that also catches the opponent offguard and can get a few hits in as well. though i haven’t tried it since i’m not fast enough to recognize this stuff yet.

if someone is parrying the denjin, do low mk into hurricane kick/lk donkey kick instead of just a sweep. though i am guilty of just doing a sweep most of the time because of my dumbass panicking.

if the player u r facing knows how 2 parry, then would u say the super is useless

ofcourse not, i play against a friend of mine and we two always parry almost anything thrown at eachother, we know how we play… thats why denjin should be ‘mixed up’

mixed up as in: dont release that shit EVERYTIME at the SAME TIME… thats parry bait, you know your opponent will try to parry, wait a split second and then let go… not much the opponent can do or still jump out of, coz he tried parrying so he lost a second already, ur right in his face coz u did a shoryuken xx denjin or throw xx denjin… once u let go… tada, hit

doom is right. blocked srk > delayed denjin is a good trick to throw in for mix ups. but of course, full-screen denjin is low tier =P

jab hadouken xx denjin makes it difficult (or slightly more difficult) to parry

how to charge it fast ?
i know doing 360s wiggle …

if you are in p1 side , clock-wise or anti-clock-wise ?
so as p2

now think like a grown man with a bit of understanding of the game…

when ur p1 standing on the left and u want to make a 360, u can go either way right? so can you on the p2 side… sooo what do we know now? that it doesnt matter on which side you do it… tada =)

lolz.:smiley: :eek: :smiley:

standing strong on waking up opponent, fireball denjin, if they dont parry the denjin, its unescapable, i taught frankie3s that setup :stuck_out_tongue:

I often use back throw, jab fireball XX Denjin.

that’s the most popular set up for denjin, afterall

i throw denjin after they block my SRK sometimes, then i cr.roundhouse =/

the only thing they could do is parry high > parry low
i’ve only encountered this when they’ve played me for a couple rounds already

see, if they got hit by my SRK, then i would mash out 5 hits on denjin when they wake up
if they block the SRK, i’d release denjin

it doesn’t do much damage, but it’s easy to apply and hard to escape so i think it’s a relevant trick


if you guys want to see a real way of using Denjin, look at frankie3s. He OCVed a team in Japan at SBO.