Proper way of utilizing the Denjin Hadouken

hey nice thread bout the Denjin

do u know where i can find some Frankie3S matches??

i remember watchin the 1s from DenjinVideo but they ain’t there no more.
So yea.

1 more thing, so i guess we can say, Denjin in the right hands is Ryu’s best super art???

there’s really no such thing as a best super art for ryu. all three is great in different ways, IMO.

denjin doesn’t offer as much meter for EX moves as shinkuu. shinkuu doesn’t offer as much damage as shinshoryuken. and shinshoryuken is harder to land compared to denjin.

denjin allows more room for creativity, that’s why i like it =P but sometimes when i’m struggling i use shinsho =/

Denjin has quite a few setups. A few of them depend on the amount of rotations you can store during the few frames the opponent is in hit stun.

  1. Denjin release during Jump

  2. Denjin wakeup after Knockdown

  3. Denjin cancel after anti-air reset JP/SP/FP

  4. Hadoken, Super cancel Denjin followup(commonly combined with wakeup)

  5. Blocked Fierce Punch Denjin cancel

  6. Parried/Blocked Strong Punch > Hadoken Super Cancelled Denjin

EDIT: Ryu would have more interesting setups if he had a Super Cancelled Donkey Kick into Denjin

Nope, you can’t supercancel the boot kick, unless you mess with the DC settings.

If you could cancel donkey kick into denjin then I think Ryu’s standing in the tier department would be interesting.

any video of that match?