Proper ways to cancel into zonk knuckle. (Question)

What is a way to cancel into zonk knuckle? I’ve tried but it’s a bit difficult.

Hold the light punch for light Zonk Knuckle, medium punch for medium Zonk Knuckle, and so on.

Hold on to it and do a normal attack. Once the normal attack hits, let go of the punch button you held on to and it should combo.

from what ive seen you can only cmp into zonk…

hold lp+mp (press it at the same time or you’ll charge separate zonks). a good way to combo would be…
jump in hp,s.hp, release!!!
after that ya can fadc into ultra 1 (or 2 only if their close to death cuz it wont fully hit.)

crouching medium punch into zonk? no. as far as i know the only zonks that combo is mp and lp zonk from standing or crouching hard punch. the ex zonk however does combo from alot more normals.

This is true…and I’ve never seen or been able to cmp into Zonk.

ch > zonk will connect

There is no “light” or “medium” Zonk: there is only Zonk and EX-Zonk. All the punch buttons give you the same Zonk.

Actually, you can still do EX-Zonk even if you press one after the other. You just have to make sure you release them both at the same time. In this case, the charge time for EX-Zonk probably depends on whichever punch you pressed last.


I found when I did the trial I would hold the lp+mp versions, and then after you hit the s.hp I would let all 3 buttons up simultaneously. Helped alot for me at least.

Really? IIRC, Light medium and Heavy all did different damage in training mode. I’ll test it then come back and edit this post.

EDIT: nvm you’re right, they’re all the same.

I didn’t realize that Zonk Knuckle does different damage (between 130 and 150) depending on how long you charge it.

it appears to also move further forward depending on how long you charge.