Properties of her tick throws

Just wondering if someone can help me out here. Ive noticed that sometimes an attack will hit me after Ive done my tick (cr.LP or cr.LK). The main one that comes to mind is Kens Shoryuken. Are there any other attacks that can punish Chun before she gets the throw in? Or did I just screw up the timing when I got hit with SRK (has happened more than once). Thanks in advance.

i don’t think anyone can SRK a cr.jab > mk karathrow on reaction (i’m assuming you’re using karathrow)

if he was going to SRK you anyways, then there’s nothing to be done about it.

Yeah, he’s reading you… (it happens, most Chuns I see are d.lp > karathrow obsessed). There are actually quite a few moves that will fit in between this string. Most any super, Specials that have invincibility or take your feet off the ground/out of range quickly, or even normals that have quick startup (chun d.lp? :))

See if you can bait the shoryuken and just block i guess?

In any case, take solace in the fact that he’s not doing SRK on reflex. If someone could react to throw with SRK, they could react and SRK every other move in the game too… they could just walk up and throw you until you’re dead, while SRKing any time you hit a button or move.

Good point haha, thanks for the tips guys:tup: Ill try and be a little less predictable with my ticks.

i mix up the tick throws with cr.roundhouses. it beats crouchtech/whiff grabs, and trades with srk, sometimes beating it too.

or u could just do multiple cr.jabs then tick. 2 frames startup = godly