Properties of Ouroborous?

I’m curious as to what can the ouroborous super shield strider from and what can smack him out of it. I remember Clock calling orbs then Justin doing HSF, then Clock does a wall cling and doesn’t get hit.

i know what your talkin about video wise…everytime i see jwong and clock play, wong does c.fp hsf to get strider to block. i’ve done that same thing though, and i think strider has ways around that. i’ve had my friend teleport into the infinite from that shit before…so im sure if u want to find a way to get out u can, im juss no strider player (neither is he). try this. when you block the c.fp hsf, start mashin on the orbs (u can send them out while blocking, and they go straight through a lot of shit (hsf, i think ahvb, etc)…then teleport over to sentinel and infinite him. you might have to pushblock like you were going to jump out of hsf too. iono, just thought this was an interesting subject…some strider players try n help him out

Ahh, yes it is interesting that you have mentioned this. Well the orbs are a marvelous wonder.

Now as for the HSF part, mashing out orbs cancels the drones out much like Cable hitting them with his beams or when Doom is called right before HSF and gets through it without anyharm, again the rocks cancel the drones.

Also you can mash them out while blocking(Like said above). Doing that is very useful, for example against Cable you manage to do orbs then block his AHVB attempt so there is when you mash the rings to make him block something and disable him to waste anymore of your orbs time with another AHVB.

Something else orbs do is obsorb damage if your being PC’ed or AHVB’ed, etc. Don’t get too happy though, this doesn’t mean he has super armor or anything, it just cancels out some of the hits from the attack as well.

You can also build meter while you have orbs on. This is very useful when you have them locked down. You should try to build as much meter as possible for the next set.

This is all I can think of as of now.
Hope this helps!

50:thanks, never knew about the ahvb part.

Snake:gotta try that against cable nw… I never knew you could throw orbs while blocking, thanks

i was playing against the computer once and called orbs right when spiderman madea web ball. surprisingly, it went through the orbs and hit me, which caused the orbs to disappear. i thought it was kinda weird and not sure if it happens with any other type of capture moves.